Sunday, March 27, 2011

Barbie writes a letter.

I spit up coffee all over my keyboard when I read the first line:
I was not elected to Congress because of my foreign policy experience.
This must amount to the political understatement of the decade.

You weren't elected because of ANY experience you have, foreign policy or no. Ever since you looked me in the eye and told me that your extended absense from the district you should never have been allowed to represent in the legislature... your time of parties, and internships and jobs that scrupulously avoided the private sector was the same thing as serving in the military.

It wasn't. But that's when I knew you were unfit to hold office.

You HAVE no experience, knowledge, or education worthy of election. You've never worked in the private sector, never owned a business or a house, never had a family... in fact, when it comes to the experience issue, you've never had a job save a minor, $3200 per month staffer for McMorris.

What you have had is a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and an amazing ability to lie.

You ran a campaign modeled after Obama's in every detail: he had no experience worthy of the presidency (and haven't we suffered because of it?) you had no experience worthy of even being a state representative, let alone a member of congress. He had no specifics, because if he had, he would have been destroyed at the polls. You had no specifics because you're an empty headed, vacuous egomaniac who actually believes she's EARNED whats been handed to her on a silver platter.

He has a history of fringe left, union thuggery, you have a history of fringe left, union thuggery. He lies. You lie.

Our nation is trillions in debt, and you fuss about a paltry $10 billion cut when we must have hundreds of billions in cuts, showing that you have NO IDEA of the depth and breadth of the trouble we're in as a Nation.

I don't give a damn what you think about going to war. In reality, your utter lack of experience, knowledge, or vision concerning ANYTHING military when we had a veteran with Defense experience we COULD have elected just points out what a colossal error in judgment you manipulated the voters into.

Millions of people in this country have forgotten more about the military in one day then you will EVER know. And as for foreign policy, the newest Infantry private in Afghanistan has more foreign policy experience then you will ever have.

Further, sending out a letter that someone else has obviously written while you put your name on it does nothing to increase confidence in your complete lack of experience or vision. And frankly, if you had any conscience at all, you would resign and let someone else who has experience, education, knowledge and a record of achievement take your place.

But then, this isn't about serving your country, is it, Babs? Because if you gave a damn about that, you would have worn a uniform and put your ass on the line for it. But that would have kept you from the parties and your multiple, few week internships that made up the length and width of your professional accomplishments... and we can't have that... can we?

That you were elected our congresswoman is the primary reason I have done all I can to keep my son out of the military. Because if the decisions effecting his life are going to be made by people like you and your hero Obama, then he should have nothing to do with it.

And no amount of op eds written by someone else and signed by you can fix that.

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LewWaters said...

I chuckle at the last line, "I cannot in good conscience vote to commit American resources to this war."

Herrera has a conscience?

Who knew?

If she really had a conscience, she would not have tolerated all of the dirty tricks and backstabbing done on her behalf to propel into the seat she now occupies.