Monday, February 28, 2011

Nan Malin sure brought those skillz to the job, didn't she?

How much longer can she last at the helm of the AFP here in Washington?

Malin, a punchline to almost any political joke here in Washington, was given the gig at AFP to get her cancerous presence off the WSRP Executive Board. Unfortunately, she brought the same skill set... the all hat, no cattle political ignorance that she represents to the table.

Malin, best known for her pathological lies and failing to field any Republicans in all of Pacific County last cycle while wearing out kneepads in front of Ridgefield Barbie, put together this HUGE rally in Olympia in support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Wallace.

The problem?

Hardly anyone on the right side of this issue showed up.

It's a harbinger of mediocrity to come.

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