Monday, February 07, 2011

More idiocy from Laird and the democratian's bridge/loot rail fixation.

Laird is a moron.

The underlying fallacies of his positions on the wonder of tolls cannot be overstated.

John Laird is one of the main cancers on our local community. As a propagandist, he is exceeded only by ol' Joey Goebbels, who he models himself after in a big way.

First, the fact is that we really don't care what they do in Texas. My guess is that in a variety of others ways, a fringe-left nutter like Laird wouldn't be all about using Texas as a model for anything. Texas also, as I understand it, spends about $2000 less per pupil in their school system. Does that mean we should follow their example on that as well, or is cherry-picking all Laird's got?

If Laird thinks Texas is all that and a bag of chips I'm pretty sure we can round up enough of a collection to put together a bus ticket to take his dumb ass back there... permanently.

Second, and this is just a guess mind you: not one cent of those tolls are being collected for an unneeded, unwanted, horrifically expensive piece of crap that the people in question did not want built.

Third, like Texas, it's easy for a scumbag like Laird to demand that OTHERS pay for something HE wants... which HE will not have to pay for.

Fourth, when the project in question is a complete waste of time, effort and money that simultaneously ignores REAL alternatives that WILL make a difference at some point... namely, a third and fourth bridge, tolls are unjustifiable for any reason... but particularly when the billions being wasted COULD be put to good use to actually address the priority issues of freight mobility and congestion.

Fifth, tolling for something that works and is already paid for happens in precisely zero locations in Texas.

Sixth, I have yet to hear from anyone who opposes tolls for a third and fourth bridge that would actually make a difference. But the idea that we should pay for something that is now "free" to the extent it isn't tolled; a something we have been lied to about for years, a something that will not be any different in real terms from what we have now... why that's as moronic as Laird.

Seventh, the name-calling.

I engage in the practice because I owe no one a duty, except to be truthful, for anything I write.

That is, the primary purpose of this blog and the others I write isn't for the reader. It's for me, to provide me with both historical reference and a way to vent against the slime infesting our community... like those in charge of the democratian's agenda.

So I have the luxury of elaborate description. Dickweeds like Laird do not.

The Lairds of the democratian are their own worst enemy. Crap like that this playground bully spewed in his last defecation merely galvanizes the opposition... much like the recent exposure of the lies concerning the requirement for loot rail, which, as we all know, is the primary reason these self-righteous slime want the I-5 Bridge replaced.

So, when the Laird's use meaningless comparisons to justify their ethically corrupt positions, all that does is serve to reinforce the opposition.

Of course, it shatters the one-sided demands for civility from some of the bigger hypocrites, like Brancaccio, but hey, when you run a paper based on lies, what else can we expect?

As we move into the end of our first week without the rag acknowledging their years-long lies about loot rail being required to replace the bridge, one has to wonder: Laird thinks Texas is all that? He thinks they do it all right and we do it all wrong?

Then he should feel free to get his hypocritical ass back there and don't let the door hit him on the way out.

His absence not only wouldn't be noticed... if it were, it wouldn't be missed.

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