Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lightning Lou's Rank Hypocrisy.

I blew chunk's when I read ol' Lou's latest screed against David Madore. After all, like most people in this community, Madore opposes Brancaccio's downtown mafia agenda, and unlike Lou, he's willing to put his checkbook where his mouth is.

So, what's a Lou... to do?

Bust him in the mouth every chance he gets.

The rag Lou works for, which isn't particularly known for fairness, truth, or integrity, has a jihad going on against those who won't remain silent in the face of their lies in support of tyranny. Cross them, and you're liable to be vilified with the one-sided spew the cancer on our community is known for.

Lou's snivelfest yesterday is no exception.

According to Lou, Madore is responsible for the viral posting of the despicable, but supported-by-Lou conduct of a member of the city council who SHOULD have been removed for her bizarre, psychotic conduct. The local rag, of course, supports her continued "service," using the term advisedly, because she's carrying their water like Gunga Din, much like The Liar, the mayor of Vancouver has gained favor by becoming a born-again toll scammer.

Somehow, it's bad for Madore to do what he can to further his agenda. Meanwhile, our local playground bully does everything HE can to push HIS agenda; including lie, exaggerate, misstate, typically ignore the massive opposition (can't let facts get in the way of the rag's agenda) and every other "journalistic" tool he can think of.

So, when Madore pushes his agenda, which obviously reflects the vast majority of the people in this county, Lou has to push back.

But then Madore goes on to say:

“The press will make news of our worst moments.”


Now I’m not suggesting the media doesn’t cover worst moments. Clearly when
someone screws up, we report it. But to suggest we’re somehow wrong in doing so
is to suggest we shouldn’t be covering the conflicts that make up our world, our
everyday life.

Madore’s statement also suggests that worst moments are all the media covers.

And that’s just silly.

Our newspaper — like most newspapers — has plenty of good news. I’m beginning to suspect that readers simply don’t remember the good news we report.

Next question.

But we're not close to finishing THIS question.

What Madore SAID (He didn't "suggest") is that YOU would report HIS worst moments.

And you will.

You care little that Madore does a lot of philanthropical work in the community. You only care that he slaps you and those like you on a regular basis by pointing out what a bunch of self-serving, democracy-hating idiots you are.

Kind of like me, actually... just with more civility and a checkbook that could buy and sell a few hundred of your sort.

So, while you deliberately twist Madore's words (and man, you are GOOD at doing that,) the fact is that he did not "suggest(s) that worst moments are all the media covers."

He accurately pointed out that your despicable, twisted, biased coverage of the bridge/loot rail scam is one sided, dishonest and does a disservice to the community.

At least, that's what his comment "suggests" to me.

And the garbage you dumped about his posting of Harris's idiocy... That it was somehow bad or wrong for him to complain about your sickeningly biased coverage while pushing a video of one of your fellow travelers, simultaneous to pointing out how despicable your coverage is was a cheap punk cop out shot on your part... the kind you're known for.

And the moment a punk like you begins to live by your "glass house" comment, maybe that's the moment you might stop ignoring your own advice... like you so-typically do now.

See, Lou, your reeking hypocrisy here is typical of the fringe-leftist nutter: you want everyone else to live up to your standard except you.

And your playground puke doesn't help.

As for putting aside The Liar's content of his city speech? Why, if I did that, whatever else would I have to line my kitty-litter box?

And all of this is a damned shame.

You COULD be fair. Your COULD have integrity. You COULD believe in the will of the people ALL of the time, and not just when that will accidentally meshes with your agenda.

THEN, you might have value.

Until then... the final bankruptcy of your rag can't happen fast enough.

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