Monday, January 31, 2011

I-728 chickens are coming home to roost... and the teacher lobby are screaming like cut cats!

I have no sympathy for teachers on this issue: none.

First, I-728 and I-732 were both scams run by the Washington Education Association. Their campaign for this extortion was a campaign of lies that conveniently for the union... and perhaps fatally for 728 and 732, left out any kind of revenue stream to fund this nonsense in the face of the WEA's lies that neither 728 (Student classroom size) or 732 (GUARANTEED teacher pay raises, like what they do deserves such a thing) would require tax increases... not unlike adding 40 million people or so to Obama's socialized medicine program will make health care magically cheaper.

Teachers whining about their pay for their part time job is a mystery to me. In fact, I question if any teacher whining about pay is fit to teach.

I question that because, well, gee: they SHOULD have known about teacher pay BEFORE THEY TOOK THE JOB.

Here's a memo to whining teachers: you don't like the pay?

Then quit.

Because when you do quit... 20 or more teachers will cheerfully take your job for much less money.

But your monumental whining and extortion has grown tiring. And I say this to ALL public employees:

You don't like what you're getting paid? You don't thank God every damned day that you HAVE a job?

Then here's your solution:


You won't be missed. Seriously.

And now, because our economy is in such horrific shape, the 728/732 chickens are coming home to roost.

Because surely, teachers across the state will voluntarily take major pay cuts to help save their colleague's jobs, won't they?

Fat chance.

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Martin Hash said...

I'm glad you're out there saying this stuff - so I don't have to...

But don't just blame teachers - every single employee that has ever been thinks they're not getting paid enough. The difference is the public worker's unions have no check on their greed like private worker's unions do. I'm not bashing the unions - selfishness is their job - I'm bashing the spineless politicians who let it get that way.