Thursday, December 30, 2010

Memo 2 Steve "Easy Money" Stuart and Marc Boldt: don't cave now - The criminal enterprise known as the Mohegan/Paskenta/Cowlitz/Barnett megacasino...

... isn't a done deal yet.

When I read something like this from Boldt:

“They always said they want to be a good community member, so I’ll take it on their word,” he said.

I just want to cringe.

Again in the interests of full disclosure, Marc Boldt is my brother in law. And that these words could possibly leave Boldt's mouth given the history of threats, intimidation and even restraining orders by women against David Barnett, former chief shill for this slimy enterprise, is simply astounding.

Boldt had received at least one threat from the late John Barnett at one of the high school meetings where Marc spoke.

These slimeballs pull the race card, even though my cocker spaniel has more Cowlitz blood then some of these morons, they've treated the community WHICH DOES NOT WANT THE CASINO HERE with a contempt and arrogance that is simply incomprehensible... and Boldt is "taking their word?" On ANYTHING?

One of the problems we have here is that Steve "Easy Money" Stuart is a wholly owned tribal subsidiary. Using this bogus and easily overturned Interior decision (Can YOU say "Carcieri?" I KNEW you could!) who will use this garbage memo as an excuse to roll over and do whatever Barnett tells him to do.

Let's remember, people: it is the county commission's fault, and their fault alone, that this garbage heap is even being built here.

For several years, the commissioners had the ability to take the land designated for this economic black hole under eminent domain... and they could have done it for next to nothing.

But with Stuart on the case, acting for the Tribe and against the people of this county, the second vote couldn't be developed.

And now, we've got Boldt making noises like HE is going to roll over for these clowns and toss this entire county under a bus, because Stuart, who seems to run his political life (When was the last time Stuart and Boldt voted differently.... on ANYTHING?) is going to tell him to.

The interests behind this scam are NOT "good community members." In fact, NONE OF THEM LIVE HERE, and MOST NEVER HAVE LIVED HERE. So the fact is that they're not only NOT "good community members...." they're not community members, period... good OR bad.

So now, we're going to have Stuart working for these guys like they're giving him a check every week; Boldt, who seems to show himself incapable of thinking on his own when Stuart's around; and Stuart chomping at the bit now to blow TWO economic black holes in our local economy: the first being the hundred million plus he'll vacuum out for tolls every year, and the second; the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from building what plans call for as the 5th largest casino ON EARTH that will be vacuumed out going to Connecticut with the Mohegans, California with the Paskenta, Seattle with Barnett and chump change left over for the Tribe, the vast majority of which who do not live within 100 miles of this location.

"Payments for the Sherrif?" That ought to come out of the toll booths set up at every entrance to this crap pile... if we provide any service, including law enforcement, fire or sewer to them AT ALL.

As we move forward to fight this economic obscenity, the question is this: what are Stuart and Boldt going to do FOR us, instead of TO us?

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