Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Legislative budget? Let's add the sales tax onto newspapers and eliminate their B&O tax break: So says democrat fmr state Senator Ken Jacobsen

Ken Jacobsen was one of the, if not the, most liberal senators in the state, save for neo-communist Senator Ed Murray.

I was shocked to find this in the Times comment section. I, for one, wish the local newspapers would stop their whining and complaining about the budget. After all, for the most part, these rags have dutifully endorsed the authors of this mess... so why should they complain about that which most everyone else knew they were going to do if they managed to get elected?

How the Times, who endorsed mostly democrat, or the local rag, the democratian, can complain about a budget crafted by those they wanted to get elected is a mystery to me.

And, in the spirit of bi-partisan cooperation, I join with Senator Jacobsen in calling for the elimination of any newspaper tax break and the application of the sales tax to their putrid product.

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The Legislature must get serious about the budget

Why doesn't the Seattle Times Editorial Board get serious and write their own budget. They could arrange with the Governor for staff help.

They sure wanted us to give them a tax break. Why not put sales tax on newspapers and magazines as in other states?

Ken Jacobsen
State Senator (Ret,)
Posted on November 24, 2010 at 8:09 AM.

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We face, as I understand it, a $5.7 billion deficit.

The simple solution?

Roll back pay and personnel, $5.7 billion. End of problem.

If they don't like working for a reduced wage and benefit package, then they can always quit.

So, leave the programs alone and cut the people. This isn't rocket science.

And if the unions don't like it, then invoke the economic emergency clause and shut them down.

Here's a memo. 2012 is right around the corner. And while the people of this state are obviously still drinking the kool aid for now... 2 years is a looooong time.

But imagine how much better off we'd be if the democratian had to pay the same taxes as everyone else... including sales tax.

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