Sunday, November 28, 2010

The democratian: do they want cheese with that budget whine?

We are in a horrific budget mess. Today, the democratian whines about budget cuts. Of course, they've endorsed most of the people responsible for this mess, but what the hey: when you're a fringe leftist, doing the right thing instead of doing the political thing can frequently be impossible.

They tell us things that are, as usual, blatantly untrue:

Negotiating new salaries and benefits with state workers, asking them to tighten their belts like everybody else, won’t solve Washington’s budget deficit in its entirety. But it would make a dent and it would foster an atmosphere of shared sacrifice.

If the fringe left nutters running this state have the will, cutting the pay, benefits and numbers of state employees could certainly do precisely that which the rag claims it can't. But this is just another episode of the "no-lie-we-won't-tell" non-reality of the stain on journalism infesting us.

It would be difficult. But it IS possible.

It certainly won't happen, however, because the unions own democrats like the 13th Amendment was never passed.

If the left had this kind of courage, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

And I have to ask: weren't these issues solved, in part, by the newly re-elected state cow and Obamacare?

Of course not. They both made the problem much worse. Nothing is more gullible then a leftist... or an editorial writer.

The rag whines about one person's Medicaid program. As usual, they offer no solutions to the problem, and as my time on legislative staff taught me, any idiot can complain.

Where it matters is when realistic alternatives and new ideas are offered to solve the problems. And, as usual, the rag offers neither.

They just complain. Frankly, it would probably be better if they had just skipped this altogether, since it accomplished nothing.

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