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The delusion that is Lou.

It's got to be tough to captain the sinking ship that is the democratian. In it's own way, it's kinda like being Obama.

Every morning, you wake up and you realize that you face another day of fail. Obama looks around and sees failure everywhere. NOTHING he's tried has worked. In every area, from domestic policy to the economy to health care to foreign policy, this empty suited, anti-American racist bigot has become the world's joke... and our nightmare.

Much like Brancaccio and that rag he runs.

Every morning, he wakes up and realizes that he's just that much closer to failure. He's in charge of an increasingly obsolete and unresponsive media mode that has just barely survived bankruptcy... for now... and it's getting worse every day.

Still smarting from the ass-kicking he took over his lame effort to Rule 5 Brent Boger, this clown continues to cheer lead even though his team is down 56 to zip with 1:20 left in the 4th quarter.

The problem with the self-delusional is they truly do share in Dr. Goebbels' philosophy that if you tell a lie often enough and long enough, it crowds out the truth.

Thus, when Brancaccio babbles:
• Our faithful staff that continues to bring our readers the best of what Clark County has to offer.
It's not because it's true, because it's so far from truth that they don't exist in the same hemisphere.
The best does not include Brancaccio's sniveling brand of bullying.

Subscriptions are off... advertising revenue continues to shrink... most everyone to the right of Stalin despises him and his sidekick, Mugsy Laird. Brancaccio tries to convince himself that the abysmal numbers are only a result of the recession, when, in fact, they're the result of the product he dumps on the street every day... a product which insults our intelligence when it's not insulting us directly.

It does not include patting himself on the back so long and so hard that he needs Tommy John surgery. It does not include letting, if not encouraging a total scumbag editorial page editor insult and belittle the vast majority who are both wise enough and knowledgeable enough to disagree with his crap pile column.

It does not include lying about the bridge project, covering up for and attempting to rehab the public persona of low life scum like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt.

It just... doesn't. And that's the record here... while Brancaccio moronically tells us that this equates to "the best."

Which, of course, perfectly explains why they had to tuck tail and move back out of the new city hall palace across the bone yard from the current city hall building.

Or this:
• Our faithful readers that stick with us as we all grind through this horrendous recession.
That ever shrinking number that can't seem to afford the internet, you mean?

Those that "stick" with the democratian typically do so because they have little alternative. But in a county of 430,000 or so, the rag's circulation is pathetic... and that is a reflection of the product.

Even the con job about perhaps THE most arrogant government official outside the White House today, Jim Moeller.

I hadn't seen Moeller all that much in the past several years. He's the guy responsible for ripping off taxpayers when it comes to non-veterans getting county veteran funding.

He's also the guy responsible for those idiotic tax increases on soda and some of what is, as opposed to what ain't, candy, that we just got done trashing at the polls, AKA I-1107.

Yes, Jim Moeller was the sponsor of the candy/soda tax bill. The rag repeatedly whined and bitched and moaned about that series of tax increases, but after Moeller dropped the bill in January, the rag never again mentioned that he was the sponsor of that bill that I could find.

There's a reason for that. Moeller was, perhaps, the safest politician running for re-election anywhere in leftist land. That's why he got the assignment to jack up our taxes in the midst of this horrific recession... because he was safe and SOMEBODY had to do it.

So yeah, the democratian allegedly endorsed Craig Riley. But in all of their disdain for that tax, they didn't mention who was behind it when the voters were paying attention.

They didn't write, for example, "As an example of what an out of touch leftist Moeller is, here's just one of the many bills he's introduced which have caused far more harm then good... the massive tax increase on whatever is defined as candy and soda pop... kind of a non-alcoholic, non nicotine sin tax."

Nope. Very few knew that the debacle resulting in 1107 was Moeller's baby, start to finish. And the rag made sure you didn't know it, either. Even now, Brancaccio can't bring himself to tell you that Moeller was the prime mover behind that garbage... just that he "believed" in it.

Moeller's arrogance is only exceeded by his ego. I attended a Christian Chamber of Commerce forum a few months back where Moeller lied his ass off, on subjects like Budget cuts and the like. Reporters were there. Nothing I can recollect was mentioned about Moeller's self-serving situational memory of the economy of this state.

So, I believe the rag's endorsement of Riley was only one of those pseudo-endorsements. Compared to the trashing they did to crucify Peter Van Nortwick or Brent Boger, the rag essentially did nothing to oppose Moeller.

And Brancaccio knows that. So does Moeller. Brancaccio walked him on 4 pitches, an act done to polish Brancaccio's non-existent bi-partisan street cred, and a lame effort to stem the flow of subscriber bleeding.

His column today is eye wash to play to that.

It's to remind those who don't pay close enough attention that they didn't endorse all democrats for open seats this time like they did in 08... although the overwhelming majority of their endorsements DID go to democrats... just like always.

But they don't want you to remember that, because they keep running this bogus "we're fair" scam. And some out there actually believe it if they don't know any better.

When Brancaccio writes:
The Columbian is a lot like me from the standpoint of being moderate. Being able to move based on circumstances.
He is, of course, lying again. Compared to the democratian, Moeller is a complete flip-flopper.

The rag's stands on taxpayer financed downtown redevelopment... all done without asking... completely intractable. The rag's support of the city actually suing it's citizens into silence? Screw the people, start to finish. The rag's stand on the horrific, unneeded and unwanted I-5 Bridge/loot ail project? Facts and public opinion be damned.... completely intractable.

Koenninger's moronic positions on the Gorge and his persecution of the Beas? Intractable.

Brancaccio's efforts to damage the reputation of those who oppose him and his agenda?

Wolves don't go for the throat with less ferocity.

Well, until he tried it with Boger and got swatted across the nose and stuck out in the back yard like any other non-housebroke mutt.

And that's part of the problem. Brancaccio is an unabashed liberal. That he won't admit it... that he won't address it.... that he won't change it... doesn't make it any less the case.

So, when Brancaccio goes on to spew:
How else do you explain our being able to twice endorse George W. Bush and then
Barack Obama?
That one is easy: stupidity. And let's remember... that was the cycle where Lou and his winged monkeys endorsed democrats and only democrats for any open seat in the area from president on down.
All the while proclaiming, as he does today, what a moderate he, and by extension that despicable cancer on our society rag he works for, actually is.
And this:
How else do you explain our being able to endorse Jim one year and not endorse
him two years later?
That one's even easier.

I'll answer that question WITH a question:

How could they endorse Moeller's opponent, and then endorse his seat mate, who had the SAME VOTING RECORD, save for 4 votes?

Moeller was the throw-away non-democrat endorsement. After hearing from me for so long, and seeing their record of left wing support spelled out year after year, they HAD to do something.

Endorsing in a democrat race where the GOP had no chance (In the Soviet Socialist Republic of Vancouver, it's best not to hold your breath waiting for a Republican to get elected to anything. If we'd had a video of Moeller committing axe murder on a girl scout troop, he still would have been re-elected.) was an easy call, done so Brancaccio could trot this lame act out... again... and say "see? we do TO endorse Republicans!"

Read between the lines. It's easy if you try.

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