Saturday, October 30, 2010

McKenna nails alleged democrat conspirator MacLean.

A mentioned here, Lisa MacLean works for a fringe left campaign group. And because of her alleged incompetent, underhanded and now, apparently quite illegal shenanigans concerning the handling of what should have been a relatively simple exercise, she's looking at a destroyed professional career tyhat may even take down her boss's company.

Well, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has filed suit against Ms. MacLean, according to the local Democratian (Who seems to have found it impossible to mention that MacLean is a democrat and the company she works for works for democrats... but, after all, they ARE the Democratian).

How many others have been impacted by this kind of thing?

An email that went out today from soon to be State Representative Brian Peck addresses the issue:

Sordid Campaigning Tactics Exposed

Recent revelations have come to light from the state Public Disclosure Commission concerning misbehavior by Democrat consulting firm Moxie Media. Using a maze of 40 Political Action Committees, Moxie Media has been attacking Republican candidates while concealing and misleading voters about who is paying for the advertising. The Brian Peck for State Representative campaign has been one of those targeted by Moxie Media, and has been smeared by numerous sleazy mailers.

"This problem goes beyond shadowy groups financing shady personal attacks, one that cannot be fixed with a statement by my opponent disavowing Moxie Media." Brian Peck stated. "In my 17th legislative District race, I have had $24,000 of disreputable mailers targeted against me. It's disingenuous of Tim Probst to only speak up now after the PDC asked Attorney General McKenna to prosecute the liberal strategist. He said nothing as negative mailers against me were hitting the district the past few weeks."

Peck has worked consistently to focus his campaign solely on the issues facing the state. "We cannot allow the political discussion of our state's future to be sidetracked by baseless personal attacks." Peck continued. "Washington is in the midst of a fiscal crisis, and we cannot continue the business-as-usual budgeting of endlessly increasing spending and taxes. My opponent, Tim Probst, has voted for many pieces of reckless legislation created by his Democratic Party leadership, such as the 2009 budget, which spent at record-breaking levels and created the current deficit. Despite boasting that "I've fought against debt and spending for years", he is unable to provide any evidence that he has ever succeeded against his Democratic leadership in that fight. This is the true central issue in this race, one that shows the clear policy difference between me and my opponent, a difference that I will continue
to work to bring before the voters of the 17th District."

Actually, I think bastardizing the political process is a bad idea for democrats in this particular election.

But then, it's hard to decipher what they were thinking.

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Lew Waters said...

That's the trouble with Democrats. On average, they don't think, they react and often in the wrong way.