Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The lies of November and Steve "Easy Money" Stuart.

. has missed an easy and golden opportunity.

Because their campaign has lacked a singular purpose, failing to focus on taking out one candidate to get all of the others to fall into line; their impact will be minimal to non-existent this cycle.

And that's a shame, because Steve "Unmarked Bills" Stuart would have been easy, and served as an example to the rest of area government.

Stuart's greatest claim to fame at this point is being the beneficiary of $100,000 in campaign funds while David Barnett, tribal casino developer, bought him like a used car.

Now, because he's going to win, the non-campaign of will have sent just the opposite message: Stuart will wrongly believe that his re-election is a mandate from the people of Clark County to go ahead and bend us over for his union buddies while he, Stuart, is primarily responsible for burying us in billions of dollars of debt along with his accomplice, alleged Republican Marc Boldt.

So, when "Easy Money" tells you, as he did in the Democratian, that he supports a vote... as long as it's only on loot rail... instead of the entire project... he means, first of all that he wants his bridge project; he wants to bury us in tolls, he wants to blow a $100,000,000 a year hole in the local economy and that, more specifically, he doesn't give a damn what we think, want or believe.

But when he says this garbage:

As a member of the C-Tran board, Stuart said, he worked to protect lower fares for disabled riders and fought a move to cut transit services to the disabled.

As for light rail, he said, “My focus is to provide you with a vote, and because of the work we did, there is going to be a vote next November.”

Without bothering to mention that Craig Pridemore's gerrymandering light rail bill REQUIRES a vote... and that he had NO CHOICE in the matter... well, that's just the tiniest bit over the top.

Pridemore's bill was designed to screw most of the county outside the urban growth boundaries of Vancouver, by giving us the privilege of paying the loot rail tax, but not having any say in adopting it by drawing the lines around every store in Clark County while simultaneously cutting tens of thousands of us out of being allowed to vote, precisely like they did for the last C-Trans election.

So, it would be one thing if Steve "Cash, Please, No Checks" Stuart was actually doing this because he wanted to.

It's another thing altogether for his rank hypocrisy and lies while he takes credit for something he had no choice over.

SB 5540, Pridemore's loot rail downtown mafia (I love this cute little phrase at section 2(1): "A governing body of a transit agency in a county that has a population of more than four hundred thousand and that adjoins a state boundary..." You get that? We're the ONLY COUNTY IN THE STATE THAT CAN GET SCREWED LIKE THIS!) taxation bill, one of the many reasons why his fringe-leftist congressional hopes were crushed, says this at Section 3:

The rate of the tax shall be approved by the voters.

The only question was "when". So, if that's what Easy Money was referring to when it came to the "work we did" without bothering to mention that a vote was REQUIRED... well, lies like that are just one of the many things to despise Stuart over.

And these are the kinds of things that should have drilled him for. They should have been omnipresent. They should have hounded him, politically, everywhere he went. They should have gone up on TV, radio, newspapers... to educate everyone as to what a lying slime ball Stuart is.

They should have hung that bridge around his neck and his alone, like an anchor.

But they didn't... because they didn't understand either the history of the candidates or the nature of this business. And as a result, we're stuck with a fringe left tax and spender... because they didn't want to get their skirts dirty.

What a waste.


Anonymous said...

A recent example of Clark County Commissioner Stuarts October 12 vote to maintain the status quo for overly generous employee benefits is posted at

Commissioner Stuart remains beholden to the $100,000 casino cash that ushered him into office in the first place.

Voters do have a choice, and Alan Svehaug is a better choice for Clark County Commissioner on Tuesday Nov. 2.

Just a guy said...

Absolutely. Where's notolls on this stuff? This kind of thing would blow him out if they had just chosen him to go after instead of the scatter-brained approach they decided to take.