Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laird loses it: "Our words should carry consequences"

John Laird has been the resident political bigot at the rag for years.

Spewing invective for all of those years against all those who don't happen to agree with the agenda he spouts along with the propaganda sheet he works for; lying about the non-existent bipartisanship of our local Democratian; excusing for friends and crucifying foes... that's what he does.

And now, he defends the indefensible, excusing the scum who fired Juan Williams for having the temerity to speak his mind on TV... while giving NPR a complete pass for doing nothing against those engaging in the PRECISE, SAME ACTIVITY... but who engage in that practice the same way Laird does.

That is, the ultra fringe-left perspective.

Words, of course, should have consequences.

Beginning with Laird, he should have been fired years ago. But his words don't seem to have any consequences, save an increasingly lower readership and his rag's bankruptcy.

What he's too dense to get is that the outrage (which has been expressed on both sides of the political spectrum, by the way) is not limited to just firing Juan for speaking his mind and then being lied to by the slimeball running NPR as to the why of it.

It's the situational ethics of the thing... the FACT that such NPR luminaries as Nina Totenberg do the EXACT SAME THING... but they do so presenting the same fringe-left elements that our Editorial Page Hypocrite Laird represents... and they DON'T get fired.

It's the all-too-typical double standard of the left that infuriates.

What people with common sense want is for everyone to be treated the same under the same circumstances.

Firing Williams under these circumstances was a questionable move at best, particularly since we all know the bitch who did it was lying about her reasoning.

But firing him while failing to fire any of the uniformly leftist automatons doing the same thing?

There's no excuse for that.

And it's just another sign of how cluelessly left John Laird actually is to defend NPR's actions while attacking William's defenders.

But then, I have yet to see anyone tell us that John Laird is possessed of the common sense exceeding that of a rock ape... and his babble today confirms it.

NPR was flat wrong. And hopefully, it will cost them huge, to send the message that ALL employees must be held to the SAME standard ALL of the time, a concept simply beyond Laird's ability to understand.

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Kriss Mitchell M.Ed., CRC said...

I find the fight over words sometimes to be very difficult to take. We change our speech in order to soften the blow of what we communicate when in all truth, what is spoken comes directly from the heart and from core belief systems within us. People believe what they believe and what they say reflects that, no matter what words are chosen to express those beliefs. We can't hide behind words if we are honest.

In this country we seem to have forgotten that at the bottom of all this is a difference in opinion about what is moral and what is not moral. Morality cannot be legislated or ruled by has to be taught. Honor, truth, patience etc are all character qualities that we are told have a place in our society, a coveted place. Yet, why don't we treat each other that way?

If we would let those things which encourage, lift up and point us in the direction of truth and honor come out of our mouths and make that a personal place of responsibility, we would not be fighting about words or conduct. It seems this is a battle of character that is being fought in the media rather than in the hearts of men and women. Once we understand where the battle should be fought and what victory looks like, we might get somewhere.