Wednesday, October 27, 2010

KING 5 News: Heck closing on Ridgefield Barbie.

Unfortunately, those of us in the 3rd CD are forced to chose between Twiddle Dem and Twiddle Dumber.

According to the most recent Survey USA poll results released today, Barbie has dropped 2 to 50 and Heck has gained enough to climb to 46.

KING 5 poll: Herrera vs. Heck contest tightening in 3rd


Posted on October 27, 2010 at 9:48 AM

In the hotly-contested race for Congress in Washington's 3rd district, Democrat Denny Heck has closed the gap but Republican Jaime Herrera still has a narrow lead--just within the margin of error of our latest KING 5 poll.In the latest SurveyUSA poll, 50% say they would vote for Herrera, 46% for Heck with 4% undecided. The margin of error for the poll of 640 likely voters is +/- 4%.

From our pollster SurveyUSA and editor Jay Leve: "Democrats today are more likely than in 3 previous polls to identify themselves as certain traction among voters age 50 to 64, where he had trailed in August, September and early October, but now leads. Heck polls above 50% among women for the first time. And, Heck's advantage among Moderates has grown to 25 points. But, Herrera is still backed by 91% of those with a favorable impression of the Tea Party, 80% of pro-life voters, 56% of men and 55% of Independents."

With just a few days before election day, many voters have already mailed in their ballots. Watch here our profile of the race. You can also watch the candidates debate at our sister station, KGW in Portland.

It's a real shame that this time around, people are going to vote for as empty a suit as the one worn by the president.

Youda thought we knew better.

This late strength is, no doubt, a result of the growing realization among those paying attention that Barbie isn't fit to be elected dog catcher. Unfortunately, it's come too late and she's likely to win anyway.

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Lew Waters said...

Ever the opportunist, he "win" would be hollow as she did not earn anything on her merit.

But, an opportunist doesn't care about that. They only want the $175K, free travel and perks associated with being Cathy McMorris Rodgers rubber stamp.

Sadly, I doubt many supporters will even notice she does nothing for the 3rd CD.

Just a guy said...


Anonymous said...

Jaime Herrera signs her letters and faces her opponent head on.
The name of the author of this blog isn't apparent here at the site, which lacks courage. Herrera has proven effective in the legislature, is articulate, and understands the issues.She is far more civil than the male critics here who appear jealous of her and resort to name calling. Her work for Congress woman Cathy McMorris Rodgers helped prepare her for this job. The question before voters is whether they believe Herrera or her opponent will better serve the 3rd district. I'm confident that Herrara is vastly the better choice and encourage citizens to check out her website and get informed.

Just a guy said...

What a crock.

First, I can't help but notice that you were so courageously hypocritical by posting anonymously... which seems altogether typical of the Herrera kool aid drinker these days.

If what you wrote was true, then not a week would have went by without Barbie debating Heck, and doing it down here. But she is so gutless and her handlers were so afraid she'd screw this up that there were damned few debates down here... because Heck typically hands her her head in a basket when it's done.

She doesn't do anything "head on" except lie about her positions, her background and her complete lack of qualifications for this job.

She is no more qualified for this gig then CMR's receptionist. She was worthless and accomplished nothing in the legislature except to support and cosponsor SEIU legislation and sell out to the democrats by helping them clean out our state emergency fund right before they raped us with a massive tax increase.

She never worked in the private sector, never served her country and besides having a string of few-week internships has done nothing except be a life-long politician, which is astoundingly hypocritical given her allegations of that issue against Heck.

Herrera is vacuous "pretty" face that doesn't even own a home here, has never worked in the private sector and who hasn't even lived here for 10 out of the past 13 years. In fact, she can't wait to get back to DC to once again make the rounds on the DC party circuit.

CMR will own her like a piece of furniture, since she is the one completely responsible for Barbie's political career... CMR set up the appointment because she owns Marc Boldt... who made a deal with two democrats in Cowlitz to give her the appointment that she was wholly unqualified for and undeserving of.

This has nothing to do with her gender, so don't even go there. An empty head is an empty head, boobs or not, and that she has them has nothing to do with my complete disdain for this sell out.

I, personally, am multitudes more qualified for this job then she is. Many people are. And in a situation like that, why would I vote for someone I wouldn't hire to work for me?

And with any luck at all, come November 3, she'll be packing up to get her old job back, pouring CMR her coffee back in DC.

I personally, know all I need to, to reject her out of hand.

Thanks for stopping by, and make sure you check out so YOU can "get informed."

Lew Waters said...

Isn't that a tad liberal to automatically assign sexism to someone because they see problems with a career minded opportunist?

Do you consider females who dislike a male candidate as "jealous" as well?

Does it escape you that such thinking is what has gotten our once great country into the trouble she is in?

Lew Waters said...

By the way, my Hispanic and very conservative wife thinks less of Jaime Herrera than I do.

She's who wasn't very pleased that Jaime called my home 3 times one evening back in February.

Does that make her a sexist who is jealous of her name as well?

OlyGOP said...

Looks like the Herrera supporters are getting a bit thin skinned. Just a guy hit the nail on the head - I wouldn't hire her to work for me, so why should I hire her to represent me? She has zero accomplishments. The only saving grace is I am confident that the GOP will get the majority in the house. That freed me to cast the first vote I've ever cast in my life for a Democrat - Denny Heck. Now, I am hoping that I get redistricted out of the 3rd.