Saturday, July 24, 2010

A question for David Hedrick.

I haven't said much about Hedrick, in part because I can't figure him out, yet.

I'm in the process of having some experts review his military record, however, so we can put the question of heroics to bed, one way or the other. I should have that around the end of next week.
That said, I'm curious as to how this works:
(Regarding his interview in the SLOG) He states that he would not be there doing the interview in person, but it would be by phone, had they barred his carrying a gun into the interview.
Does this mean he won't go to a school or a court house?

But more importantly, how would a Congressman Hedrick function in DC, where they don't allow weapons on the House floor or in any of the House Office Buildings?

If Mr. Hedrick is basing his actions in this regard on principle, how far is he willing to go?

Because if he were really doing this on principle, then he would be disqualifying himself from Congress... since none of their facilities allow anyone but security types to carry weapons.

Just wondering.

This is a very tough situation. Principle? Then he can't serve in Congress. Hype? Then of course he can.


Lew Waters said...

I admired how Hedrick confronted Baird at the August Clark County town hall.

He doesn't like to speak about the Olympia town hall a few weeks later when he tried to repeat the confrontation and basically, had his butt handed to him by Baird.

His bull in a china shop style would make him a very ineffective congressman as 433 others would marginalize him and ignore any efforts he tries.

Ron Paul might side with him, if he adopts Paul's screed of Afghanistan is not a legal war and we should issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal to get bin Laden, banned by the Geneva Conventions since it is tantamount to hiring mercenaries for war.

I haven't heard of him voicing such just yet, as has Clint Didier.

Hedrick also has a "debate" scheduled soon at Battle Ground High School.

No word yet if he will violate state law to cling to his gun in the school building.

As I have said to others who think he is standing up for Second Amendment rights, even in Viet Nam, we had to clear and secure our weapons at times.

We didn't walk around armed 24/7 (even though our weapons were not all that far away.

witchywoman said...

Who in their right mind brags about packing a weapon? What kind of a candidate would make an issue over something like this? Even if you support the Constitutional right to bear arms, it is not a bragging point. Guns are not to be joked about, or spoken of casually.

I am so surprised that the GOP, and the Hedrick supporters, (aka Ron Paul) supporters, are not appalled at this sort of conduct. This is the sort of thing that gives Republicans a bad name.

Just kooky if you ask me, but then again, nobody did. ;)

This guy reminds me of an ex co-worker. He used to say if you can't win them with your brilliance, dazzle them with your bullcrap. Or, something like that. ;)

Lew Waters said...

According to Katja Delavar, the sponsor of the Battle Ground High School event, Hedrick has stated he will comply with the law at the upcoming event.