Thursday, July 22, 2010

American Diabetes Association "Tour de Cure Oregon" bike ride route prep last night. It was amazing!

For the fourth year, I'm helping out my buds with the Portland Chapter of the American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure Oregon.

Hundreds of bicyclists will ride through some of the most gorgeous countryside on earth, some of the finest winery country around.
While I am giving serious thought about trying this out next year, this year is all about support staff, repairs and keeping people on the course.
But before we can run the course, there's a requirement to post it for a week, so we went around the course at various strategic points and put up warning signs.
Those interested should check out their Facebook page at the link above. It's for a worthy cause and some really great stuff is going on there... so please, come on by!

We all know what the deal is. This is a fund raiser at a very tough time.


Anonymous said...

CCP, Can you keep us informed on how this goes? Thanks

Just a guy said...

Absolutely. Next report on Friday/Saturday with pictures!