Saturday, May 29, 2010

The worthlessness of weather forecasts.

Four or 5 days ago, we were supposed to have partly cloudy Friday, few clouds Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be awesome.

Was that how it turned out?

We would have had better luck if someone danced around a fire all night, then divined the weather by shoving a stick through the entrails of a goat.

The local news outlets devote a lot of time on weather; time that is generally worthless. I'm all about giving weather 60 seconds in these news stations; they can expand the news... do, say, dueling editorials, or expand sports coverage or something along those lines which actually makes sense.

AccuWeather moronically tells us that today was a good day to cut the grass.

What... in between monsoons?

Can there BE anything more worthless than these idiotic forecasts?

Besides AlGore's global warming lies, I mean.

We can't even predict the weather 96 hours in advance, and a clueless idjit like AlGore tells us the world is going to end due to man-made causes?


Rant off.

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