Friday, May 21, 2010

(update 1) When it comes to the Arizona boycott, here's who I'm boycotting (Hint: It ain't Arizona)

I will have nothing to do with any group, company or location on this list. I will try and keep it updated, but I urge you to go to the link and check it out for yourself.

HT to, of all people, KING 5 News.

"Man organizes boycott of cities boycotting Arizona, including Seattle: "

Here's the list from

The official Boycott List

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Cancelled convention.
American Civial Liberties Union (ACLU) Filing a lawsuit against Bill 1070
American Educational Research Association Cancellation of all future conferences.
American Immigration Lawyers Association Cancelled convention.
Asian American Justice Center Boycott
Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí Boycott
Center for Community Change Boycott
Cypress Hill Band Cancellation of concert.
Denver Public Schools Travel ban
International Communications Association Cancellation of convention.
Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Boycott
League of United Latin American Citizens Boycott
Major League Players Association Michael Weiner will take all actions necessary against Arizona.
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund Lawsuit against Bill 1070
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Filing a lawsuit against Bill 1070
National Association of Black Accountants Cancellation of convention.
National Autonomous University of Mexico Cancellation of exchange program
National Council of La Raza Boycott
National Puerto Rican Coalition Boycott.
National Urban League Cancellation of convention.
San Diego Padres - Adrian Gonzalez Boycott
Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Boycott
Sociologists Without Borders Cancellation of all activity. Boycott of Arizona businesses.
The city of Highland Park Highland Park, IL Cancellation of girls basketball team trip to Arizona tournament.
The whole city Seattle, WA Council resolution.
The whole city West Hollywood, CA Council resolution.
The whole city Berkley, CA Full boycott of Arizona. Attempting to sever current contracts.
The whole city El Paso, TX City ban on travel to Arizona.
The whole city Boston, MA Council resolution
The whole city Los Angeles, CA Council resolution
The whole city Oakland, CA Council resolution.
The whole city San Francisco, CA City reolution, proactive contract terminations
The whole city Boulder, CO Council resolution
The whole city St. Paul, MN Ban on all city travel to Arizona.
The whole city Columbus, OH Mayoral edict to boycott Arizona.
The whole city Austin, TX Council resolution
The whole city San Diego, CA Council boycott resolution
The whole country Mexico Mexico's President Felipe Calderon blasts Arizona for immigration law. Apparently he is unaware of his own country's laws which would shock you. They are extremely harsh and vastly more severe than AZ law.
United Food and Commercial Workers Boycott
World Boxing Council Boycott


Discount coupons said...

Your boycott list is too long..

Just a guy said...

That any government should boycott another because they don't happen to exercise democracy in a way they find acceptable is inexcusable.

I ashamed of those who would engage in this kind of perfidy. But I expect the list to get longer before it gets shorter as the fringe left tries to score nonexistent political points.

Unknown said...

I would love to see the list of groups and companies who are GOING to Arizona in support of passing this law.

Actually the whole thing is really stupid. Why would you boycott a state for enforcing laws that are already on the books. Geez!