Saturday, May 29, 2010

So, in the upcoming elections, who will the Columbian endorse?

The Columbian has a few problems attempting to gain relevancy.

They're hamstrung by bad financial decisions; bad strategic decisions, terrible editorial decisions and a history of editorial endorsements more like the basis was from state democrat party then this community. Keeping a fringe left nutter as the editorial page editor... these all show a lack of relevance to this moderate community.

It's easy for anyone to the right of Lenin to complain about Columbian editorials... much like it's easy to complain about the multiple lies and exaggerations these people put in their pro-bridge, pro-loot rail articles, bogus polls and complete lack of reporting on the opposition to this horrific waste. They also opposed every tax cutting measure, even though they then proceeded to arrange for their democrat buddies to cut THEIR B&O tax while the rest of us suffered.

Why do I refer to these things as "easy?" Because the record speaks for itself.

In 2008, for example, this newspaper endorsed democrats and democrats only for every open seat from the Presidency down to county commissioner.

While endorsing democrats over GOP incumbents, they failed to endorse a single Republican over any incumbent democrat.

Don't believe it? Here's the list:

President: Obama

State Treasurer: Mcintire

17th District Senate: Carrier (Over GOP incumbent Benton)

17th District House: Probst

49th District House: Jacks

County Commissioner: Brokaw

Mcintire, for example, was absolutely unqualified to be a state treasurer; the Republican's democrat boss along with something like 33 other county treasurers had endorsed him... and the Columbian endorses a candidate who's only claim to fame was to push hard for a state income tax as a leftist Seattle legislator.

Oh... and of course, Mcintire is a democrat.

It was, the rag will tell you, sheer coincidence that their only endorsements in open seats were democrats. But in the 49th, they will never endorse a Republican, even to get rid of a fringe left Moeller, who they protected during their recent rant about the new tax on non-wheat based candies, a tax sponsored by Moeller and condemned by this newspaper... without, of course, mentioning Moeller's name. Moeller? He's a democrat.

In '04 in the 18th, the paper endorsed the pro-gay marriage, pro-partial birth abortion Pam Brokaw for the open seat. In the 17th, they endorsed Deb Wallace, now single-handidly responsible for the waste of $100,000,000 for the study with the pre-ordained outcome of "new replacement bridge only, loot rail only" in Downtown Vancouver, a massive waste of money soundly rejected by the voters 70-30 on the last vote.

So, when it comes to who this cancer on our community will endorse: if the seat is open, it's likely to be the democrat. It will be the fringe-leftist Obama hod carrier Stonier in the 17th, Kampe in the 18th. It will be the absentee Assessor for Clark County. It will be Golik for prosecutor.

If the seat is open and a democrat is running? It will be the democrat.

Sorry. I didn't mean to end the suspense.

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