Thursday, May 20, 2010

Palin endorses Didier: ANOTHER Rossi/Cornyn headache.

As each moment ticks by, Dino Rossi is further confronted with the idiocy of his failure to announce.

As each moment ticks by, Sen. John Cornyn is further confronted with HIS idiocy in failing to ORDER Rossi to make a decision, one way or the other.

And now... it's again too late for Rossi.

Today, Sarah Palin, feeling her oats no doubt from the outcome in Kentucky where Palin-endorsed Rand Paul blew the establishment GOP candidate to pieces at the polls last Tuesday, endorsed the somewhat ethically challenged Clint Didier today.

I have twice heard Didier speak. I admit that I lean right; but Didier is a 7 foot tall version of Ellen Craswell. And, I believe, he will poll just like she did as well.

But that's not the point here.

The point is... what does this do to Rossi?

Rossi is getting hammered from all sides. As I've pointed out, he's waited too long to enter this but he seems incapable of grasping that. Because of his late entry, he'll have to waste assets, time and cash to get past Didier and the others to make it into the general.

Arrogance can be a terrible tenet of the politician's make up.

Had Rossi jumped in when he should have, at least some of the other candidates would not BE candidates, and Rossi's alleged position as the titular front runner would have been sunk in concrete for the most part.

But he didn't. And now, because of the top two scenario, Rossi is in genuine trouble before he even announces... if he announces.

I'm no Rossi fan. His desire to spend $75 million in taxpayer dollars to keep the Sonics here after the people of Seattle voted against such a move was, I believe, instrumental in him getting spanked in the '08 election. But it showed a side to me... a RINO side to me... that means when it comes to a conservative ideology, Rossi is just a skosh too pliable in abandoning fiscal conservatism under the right circumstance.

Didier, on the others hand, has a snowball's chance in hell of winning in the general should he politically survive to reach it.

What we're facing here is a mess. Another botched opportunity to take out a dullard of a US Senator who has managed to pass 5 bills into law during her 18 year tenure... someone who SHOULD have been low hanging fruit... but instead, because of Rossi's petulance, will most like be the Senator for this state for 6 more horrific years.

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