Friday, May 21, 2010

No Chris, we won't: The Bellevue Mafia's cluelessness as evidenced by Chris Vance.

As most sentient beings following Washington State politics are aware, Sarah Palin endorsed Clint Didier yesterday for the US Senate seat currently held by Aunt Patty.

Given the nuances of our top two primary, I detailed the impacts on the race as I see them, including the perennially egomaniacal and undeclared candidacy of Dino Rossi.

That said, please note the utterly clueless, moronic position put out by former WSRP Chair Chris "I took our caucuses from a tie to fitting into a phone booth" Vance:
"If Dino Rossi chooses to run, the Republican world will line up with Dino Rossi," said Vance. "And that will include the conservative base."

"There have always been Republican candidates who split the Republican base one way or the other. Dino was the one guy everybody loved."

Such an utterly false observation goes to the heart of precisely why this state is so deeply and darkly blue that it's almost black.

The biggest impediment to a GOP resurgence in this state rests with the almost genetic inability for the members of the Bellevue Mafia to understand and respond to reality.

Not everyone "loves" Dino. In fact, when Patty Murray is re-elected, both Rossi and the Bellevue Mafia will in large part be responsible for that act, as if they were working for Murray's campaign.

Clearly, the rarefied air within which Vance and the BM operate is too lacking in oxygen to allow them to understand that things aren't the way they believe. Not by a long sight.

We don't "love" Rossi. Many loath him because his arrogance and self-worship have cost us a US Senate seat. I loath him because at base, he is the very definition of a RINO.

The endorsement of Didier by Palin yesterday, clearly not a well thought out act based on the latest information concerning the dichotomy of his simultaneous reliance on, and condemnation of, numerous government subsidies and programs, will hurt Rossi and hurt him badly.

It is the kind of thing that can result in nation-wide money coming in, something that Rossi has little chance of getting.

It will bring attention to Didier, providing him with Rand Paul-like attention that Rossi can only dream of.

Now, Rossi will have to spend time dealing with Didier and the other candidates in ways he would not have had to do had he used his head for something besides a fire hydrant.

The Bellevue Mafia cocoon within which Vance, Rossi and the rest reside is in for a shock. If Rossi actually announces, his failure to get in back in February has made his task geometrically harder. Burying your head in the sand like Chris "Puget Sound Crescent and how's that working out for us" Vance avails us nothing.

The inability of the so-called "Republican political elite" of this state to change, adapt and overcome continues to be sunk in concrete. And as a result, we have the situation we have: complete leftist control of every facet of state government.

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LewWaters said...

Apparently, Vance didn't review the votes between Rossi's 2004 and 2008 governor's run against Aunt Chrissy.

2004 the vote was very close, enabling the Dems to pull their recount miracle that propelled Chrissy into office.

2008, Rossi lost by a significant margin where he drifted away with his tail between his legs.

Rossi's dragging his feet is of no use today and hurts the other candidates. With all of the attention placed on whether or not he runs, contributions are withheld from others who might have stood a chance of hurling the 'Mom in muddy tennis shoes' out of office.

There is no dramatic entrance advantage for Rossi and if he did enter, why would we believe the votes difference seen in 2008 would be any different?

The GOP needs to get out of their anal cranial inversion disorder and open their eyes to what is going on and support good candidates, not party favorites.