Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrat seppuku: The impact of Baird's sell out on the WA-03 and Denny Heck.

Baird knew he was damaged goods from the moment he relied on a bogus death threat as a reason to avoid facing his constituents.

But we all knew that when push came to shove, Baird would be a solid "yes." on the Obama socialized medicine bill, particularly since his vote has been so easy to buy in the past.

The question for us now is this: what is the impact of his political treason to his district?

Well, he was already counted in the "yes" column for this leftist political sepukku. But the focus now shifts to the rather gutless Denny Heck.

Heck, who apparently failed to learn from Brokaw's cowardice in failing to take positions in the commissioner's election back in 08, has refused to tell us what his vote on this abuse of the people would actually be. And his cowardice equates to a "yes" vote... and his "yes" vote equates to political suicide.

State Senator Craig Pridemore (D-Communist) is already a political dead man walking because of his "pour-gasoline-on-himself-and-light-it" rabid leftist vote which bears no resemblance to what the people of this district want. Combining stupidity with an inability to raise money isn't a career enhancing move.

But now Heck is showing the kind of cowardice he would show in the unfortunate event he were to win this seat. And what we don't need is a clown who lacks any political courage holding this seat.

After all, that's what we've got now... and why would it make any sense to elect two sellouts in a row?

David Castillo, I am sure, thanks Brian Baird for helping him win this district. Heck.... not so much.

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Lew Waters said...

I also thank Jaime Herrera for finally coming on board with Castillo in calling out Denny Heck.

She must feel it is the politically expedient thing to do.