Saturday, March 27, 2010

David Barnett is on the ropes: Huge Snohomish project heading to foreclosure.

Regular readers know what I think about the megacasino project that David Barnett and the LaCenter city government want jammed down our throats.

David Barnett has "fallen" into hard times... head first.

Unfortunately, I cannot find it within myself to be any more concerned about his problems than he is about ours... or the problems his herpes-on-our-economy will cause... which is not at all.

These things may be taking care of themselves, however... since this cancer of corruption on our local economy and politics seems to be broke.

Best known for his lies and restraining orders from women, Barnett is apparently in, or heading towards, default and foreclosure. And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Thanks to the anon poster who provided this information... otherwise, it might have got past me.
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So: Megacasino developer has happen to him what he... (1)

A developer who wanted to build a 6,000-home community near Lake Roesiger in rural Snohomish County is in default on his property.

A notice posted last week at the 2,600-acre commercial forestland, owned by Shoreline developer Dave Barnett, says he owes $15.6 million on the property and
must pay within 30 days or the bank, First Citizens Bank and Trust Co. of
Raleigh, N.C., will move to foreclosure.


And how cool is that?

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