Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's not often that I agree with the Administration about anything, but this approach to illegals has been needed for a long time.

There's a little town in Okanogan County called Brewster. (pop 2200 or so)

To read this article, one would come to the belief that the economy of this town is almost fully dependent on the illegal alien trade.

In this instance, what's happened here is that Immigration has notified a large farm that they would be subjected to an audit. as a result, they notified the work force of the following:

That because many of the forms and identifications used for employment were suspect, unless those employees could prove they were in this country legally, the company would let them go.

The result?

Five hundred and fifty were fired.

As they should have been.

This is, I believe, the missing link in "enforcement" (using the term euphemistically) of our immigration laws.

It's not the only step, of course. All locations doing anything concerning illegal aliens, including schools and hospitals, should be reporting them to ICE, who should then, in turn, deport them.

Further, we should make absolutely sure that they receive no government assistance at any level for anything, and we should eliminate the bizarre laws that make birth in this country an automatic qualification for citizenship.

But most importantly, we must hold those who would employ illegals the most accountable.

If we were to take these steps, then the illegal alien problem would be severely curtailed and it would be curtailed in the fairest way possible.

By that, I mean that those who break the laws of this country by being here illegally are in no way favored over the millions of others who would immigrate to this country by following the rules.

The nonsensical idea that those violating our laws are more qualified to be here then those following those laws is just that: bizarre.

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Kriss said...

I agree for the most part...however I would not want to do away with the long standing right of americans that are born into citizenship...however there may be something that looks at citizenship where children are born in this country but their parents are not citizens. I believe that would be grounds for citizenship to be revoked..I don't know. The operative word here is ILLEGAL...if someone is in this country illegally, then they should receive no benefits, no health care and no jobs..PERIOD. I have a friend who is from Poland and is in this country legally, going to school and has gone through all the right hoops to be here. She is incensed at the way we look the other way for some aliens and make others go through every hoop to get in the country. She feels as though we hold a double standard and feels abused by the system to some extent. Don't get me wrong, she is very grateful to be here and loves the opportunity, but there is something wrong with how we deal with this situation and why we can't just look at these folks who are not here legally and tell them to get out is beyond me. We've waited so long that there are families here and some are legal and some are not, but they knew that coming in. Everyone who comes here illegally knows that there is the probability they will be found and deported. Soooo, why set up shop here if you know that...isn't that reckless? Isn't that simply irresponsible? If you know that, then why cry and whine when the hammer falls and you eventually have to leave? It's kind of like the "fruit from the poisonous tree" idea. You come here illegally and so the foundation is weak...then you build on it and at some point its going to fall. But of course, we are becoming a society that doesn't recognize personal responsibility aren't we? Of course we can't make these folks responsible for their illegal actions because somebody might get hurt, families may get split up. Well, that is unfortunate, but how does that become our problem? They knew the potential consequences coming in.