Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clark County Democrat Congressional Candidate FAQ: why none of them will win.

It's fairly obvious that, in the unlikely event a democrat can win this thing, he or she won't be someone living in Clark County. It's bad enough to be a democrat in this day and age anyway, doing everything they can to assist in the GOP resurgence and all; but the leftists of Clark County are particularly hamstrung by more than their political affiliation... though that's certainly bad enough.

For those elected to office already, a record of lacking integrity, gerrymandering or unbelievably wasteful spending would be too much to overcome in the best of times, even attempting to take advantage of the opportunism resulting from Baird bailing.

Both Pridemore and Wallace have been instrumental in spending this state into massive deficits. They both have a years-long paper trail that will make it easy to show that if either were elected, they'd just continue to be rubber stamps for the Belle of Botox, Nancy Pelosi.

Those not elected around here are grandstanding to further their respective causes... and doing so knowing full well they have no chance.

The following candidates are running or announced on the D slate and are actually Clark County residents (Unlike Heck, who weirdly CLAIMS that "Clark County is his home") :

Craig Pridemore

Deb Wallace

Maria Rodriguez-Salazar

Now, Pridemore is elected and represents most of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Vancouver. Endorsed by militantly fringe-leftist Jim Moeller, Pridemore apparently fails to understand that tip-toeing on the precipice of socialism as he has, ain't gonna get it done in this, one of nine districts that Cook's now refers to as "toss ups."

Pridemore's problems include corruption (he altered a campaign finance bill to allow Steve "Easy Money" Stuart to keep tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations for a commissioner run) gerrymandering (he successfully ran a bill that will exclude tens of thousands of voters from voting on a tax increase to operate loot rail by gerrymandering the tax district lines, while forcing those excluded from voting to pay the tax, should it pass) and, of course, voting for a budget after condemning it as being balanced on the "backs of the poor and the powerless."

Wallace is elected, though never seriously challenged, (Oddly, since her massive vulnerabilities should have seen her tossed after one term... but then, the GOP hasn't been one to brag about around here.) and represents the district directly east of the 49th. Wallace has about 100,000,000 problems getting elected.... each of the dollars she's personally responsible for wasting on the CRC study.

Both of them voted for the institutional age discrimination of the special rights for homosexuals and those over 61... an act that resulted in R71 which, while passing statewide, lost by almost 12,000 votes in the 3rd Congressional.

I-1033 passed in the 3rd, and both opposed it.

Both supported Obama, and, as it turned out, showed horrific judgment in the process.

These easily understood litmus tests are just for this past election.

If one were to research past initiatives and referenda, how hard would it be to review the outcomes in the 3rd, and the diametrically opposite positions held by these two?

Taking it a step further, both Wallace and Pridemore obviously support the horrific waste of billions known as the I-5 Bridge and Loot Rail. Additionally, they support imposing $1300 or more in tolls, an abysmal specter hanging over the heads of the 65,000 who will have to pay for this monstrosity.

These 65,000, properly organized, could become THE voter block to determine the direction of politics in SW Washington for years to come. And the vast majority of those voters, organized or no, will PULVERIZE any pro-bridge candidate like these two, or any others who don't rally to their cause.

The easily documented desire of these two to spend our money in the billions locally, disqualifies them from service nationally, where we could be sure that trillions of dollars of waste would be the order of their days.

Maria Rodriguez-Salazar? She's the one who sold out to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, as he used his city council seat to further his mayoral campaign with his worthless and nonsensical "hate crimes" resolution.

No impact here, except for getting the "illegal" vote.

It will be interesting and entertaining to watch these two hack away at each other, only to fall far short in the end.

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