Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, if the Bridger/Looters get their way, what's the impact of sucking $100,000,000 per year out of the local economy?

That's one of the more interesting questions of the second biggest issue confronting us today, locally... what happens to business here in Clark County if those who demand this massive waste actually make it happen?

The commissioners who recently screwed us here in Clark County, by jacking up our taxes, mid-recession and mid 13% unemployment rate; have yet to weigh in on what happens when $100,000,000 a year vaporizes. Steve "Cash Only" Stuart has yet to address this massive, giant sucking sound that he and the downtown mafia thinks so highly of; secret meetings with Sam "Draft it if it's under 18" Adams and Tim "The Liar" Leavitt notwithstanding.

So... $100,000,000 or so a year, most of it in Clark County, disappears. One wonders. Does any of the $100,00,000 plus already wasted for studies with pre-ordained outcomes by Rep. Deb "No amount of your money I won't spend" Wallace, congressional wannabe, address any of that?

Are those so eager to pay off the unions that will get all the cheese for building this monstrosity unaware of the unending economic agony the tolls will cause? Have they given it any thought? What are the impacts on the 65,000 commuters?

Or is it that they're so in the pocket of the special interests that they just don't care?

How many jobs will the loss of this money cost us?

How many items typically bought with $100,000,000 in formally disposable income here locally will now sit and gather dust on local shelves? How deep and wide will all of the massive negative impacts be?

And out of all of those so eager to get this thing built, how many of them will feel ANY of these massive impacts?


I would include our despicable rag of a paper, but they'll be out of business by the time this steaming pile is built.

What are the impacts? Do any of these great strategists give a damn... or are they only concerned about providing union jobs? How many services provided by the now non-existent revenue be cut or eliminated... because of the black hole of the bridge/loot rail?

I wanna know. Odd, isn't it, that none of the talking heads telling us all how great this crock of horse puckey is never seem to talk about that.

Don't they think it's about time?

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Unknown said...

Folks who have never run a small business don't understand the impact of taking people's disposable income. $100,000 is a lot to take out of a community's retail sales. Small business will feel it first, which is a shame.