Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yet another reason why I'm no longer in the GOP: BREAKING: Scozzafava suspends NY 23 campaign

In NY's 23rd Congressional District, the GOP was running a neo-communist by the name of Dede Scozzafava to replace Army Secretary and token-Republican-in-the-Obama-Cabinet John McHugh, who was appointed out of the seat; in GOP hands since the Civil War.

POLITICO has the skinny on Scozzafava's last second decision to hit the silk.

Scozzafava had been endorsed by every left wing organization, including such stellar outfits as ACORN and Daily Kos, meaning that any resemblance between Republicanism and Scozzafava was purely coincidental.

So, along comes the independent, Doug Hoffman. Hoffman is a much closer version of what a Republican is SUPPOSED to be; standing for classic Republican themes that the GOP forgot all about when they had overwhelming control of all 3 branches of our government.

Hoffman has been endorsed by almost every high profile conservative around today, such as Governor Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Darrell Issa, Dick Armey, Rick Santorum, and a wide variety of others.

This wave has been building for weeks... a blind man could see it in a minute. Had the GOP bothered to look, they would have seen it as well and dropped their dogged and doomed support of this communist after admitting they had screwed up.

Instead, we've got Newt Gingrich out there like the halt leading the lame, brow-beating everyone smart enough to dump this waste of political space along with Steele's efforts at wasting tens of thousands of NRC dollars to try and prop Scozzafava worsening numbers back to at least respectability.

Blind allegiance is a very bad thing. A brief review of history will show time and again what a sorry result we get when we let others think for us instead of using our own judgment.

I will not blindly follow anyone. I will not be a member of any group that requires, or even asks for me to blindly follow anyone. And the NY-23 debacle is a microcosm of the problem with party allegiance: it's demanded that we vote for RINO's at every level, that we put up with Republicans endorsing democrats (like our county commissioners) and that we just charge ahead, doing what we're told... precisely like the requirements the left put on their Obamatons.

And here, in a nutshell, is why I'm no longer a Republican, despite having reached the lofty heights of Executive Director of a State GOP organization.

But the closer I got to the center of power, the more radioactive it became.

Now, I will work to elect good men and women REGARDLESS of party, because there's a dearth of both in office today... men and women who can think for themselves, instead of blindly responding to what their political masters order them to do.

That is why I will do all I can to derail the political plans of people I know to be of low character, who lack integrity and who manipulate others into giving their support just to ignore honor, ignore integrity, and ignore character once they're sworn in.


bushtool said...

Gee, You sound just like me over the last 8 years or more. The irony is that your unhappiness stems from conservatives in the party and in office not being conservative enough and mine stems from liberals not being liberal enough...

That kind of trend does not bode well for the future as it seems both sides are getting further and further apart rather than finding common ground.

Just a guy said...

You know, BT, you may be on to something.

Imagine how much better off we'd all be if we could just get rid of "politics" on both sides of the equation.


bushtool said...

"No politics" will not work imo. It will be replaced by some other politics (see Russian revolution). We just need a political system that can accomplish something besides enriching the rich and those that suck up to them.

Just a guy said...

You know, I can't completely disagree... but it has to be different from The Russian variety.

Tens of millions died (or wished they had) as a result.

Totalitarianism sucks no matter which side practices it... and the money pollutes both sides equally.