Monday, October 26, 2009

My self-imposed NFL Boycott: Week 2

Linked by such august publications as the "Village Voice" (Yes... THAT "Village Voice") my self-imposed boycott continued on into it's second week as I, once again, engaged in life without the NFL.

Of course, it's not that particularly difficult under any circumstances when the team you've supported so much over the past 3 decades or so is the Seahawks... it's kind of like boycotting a molar extraction... without the Novocaine.

But if the 'hawks were undefeated, that would make no difference.

Bigotry is one of those peculiar tenets of life that does not lessen over time. The NFL's bigotry in failing to support Rush Limbaugh's effort to gain a minority ownership position in the forlorn St. Louis Rams has staked it out as just another leftist outfit, where anyone with a perspective to the right of Lenin is to be shunned; where ideas and their broadcast supercedes the criminal acts of many of the thugs wearing a helmet.

The NFL's rank hypocrisy is the thing, you see. To allow players with CRIMINAL records to get MILLIONS of dollars while instituting a double standard against someone because of their words is no less excusable now than it was last week. And it will be no less acceptable next week, or next season or 100 years from now... leftist double standard notwithstanding.

I say "leftist double standard" because we don't even have to BEGIN to discuss what the left would be doing if one of their more communist icons had been kept from buying a piece of an NFL team.

So, the boycott continues. For me, today, it's up to the shop to organize my tools for starting the thrid gen drag racing project.

It's amazing how much time this has freed up... I should have, perhaps, done this years ago.

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