Friday, October 30, 2009

Blame for Boeing leaving? This state's politcal leadership.

When your political leadership has but two over-arching duties; that is, to get re-elected and to placate unions, there is a tendency to lose sight of reality.

Washington State legislative leadership is a deep, dark, blue. Political leadership, particularly in the areas where Boeing is located (Primarily in the Puget Sound region) is not unlike the paint job on my Mazda pick up: a blue so dark it approaches black.

The fact of the matter is this: Governor Gregoire does not hesitate to take the credit when someone writes a piece of fiction about how great the business climate of this state actually is. Those of us actually paying attention would frequently wonder: exactly what state was Forbes talking about?

We live in a state with unbelievable taxes. My business is off over 50%, in losses directly attributable to the Obama economy. Yet, that won't reduce my requirement on me of having to carry a several hundred dollar business and occupation tax check down to the Department of Revenue Office later this afternoon (Unlike the paper, which got a 40% cut to THEIR tax this year) with no deductions of any kind because I'm not yet small enough to earn any, though Gregoire and Obama seem to be working on reducing our business income even more.

Boeing tried to tell us when they moved corporate to Chicago. Our deep, dark, blue political and union leadership didn't listen. And Boeing is a microcosm of the entire business climate of Washington State.

Boeing has begun to emulate the same kind of business evacuation that's taking place in Kalleyforrrnia. And Governor, I submit to you that your call for tax increases in the midst of this horrific Obama recession is not causing business leadership to look at each others and say "Tax increases? That's a DAMNED fine reason to stay here."

Add that to increasingly emboldened, legislatively-backed union extortion, and you have a recipe for a business evacuation plan.

So, Governor, when it comes to blame, you might want to stand in front of a mirror, and look into ever-shrinking concentric circles. There's room for Lisa and Frank in front of that same mirror as well.

You know... just like you do whenever we have good business or economic news? Like that?


Anonymous said...

How about we blame the incredibly enlarging pockets that Boeing needs to fill? This article is so far from reality,but this is the bull we expect to hear from people like you. Boeing wants to leave because they WANT to increase their profit, that's it! When has capitalism given a damn about the welfare of their employees communities?

Just a guy said...

Why, thanks for stopping by, Anon.

Here's the choice you and your fellow leftists have to make.

You can stand on your socialist principles and the apparent idea that those running and investing in Boeing should be doing it as a hobby, or you can take a look and begin to address the political and regulatory geography that is causing Boeing to become one of the increasing number of businesses bailing out on our socialist utopia.

Tell you what. What say you stand on your concepts and enjoy your unemployment, while the fine folks of SC have a job, m'kay?

Anonymous said...

Boeing is leaving the Northwest...bit by is saying goodbye to WA state overbearing anti-business environment. More businesses will follow over the next decade. Overall, Washington State is in trouble....with declining tax revenues, businesses leaving, several tech companies (MS)in trouble, will result in higher unemployment for WA, continued home value declines, and probably an income tax.