Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So, the county plans to verify worker citizenship? Weren't we already doing that?

So... is it the typically poor writing of the local paper? Or is it the disturbing revelation that the county has not been confirming the citizenship of the county work force?

The only aspect of the new policy that I find myself in disagreement with is this:

The commissioners asked Tuesday for a proposal by Jan. 1 to start feeding the Social Security numbers of new deputies, secretaries, janitors and other county workers into the federal E-Verify database.

My operative concern is for the word "new." Why is it just "new?" Why doesn't this apply to all current and retired county employees as well?

As for Commissioner Boldt's concerns.... and subsequent efforts to placate the so-called "League of United Latin American Citizens".... that's a crock as well.

If ONE job is held by an illegal alien, that's one job too many.... one county job... one private sector job.

Assigning some level of power or concern to illegal alien advocates is a bad idea. Bad for this community and bad for our economy.

Printing an obvious lie:

"Many municipalities are having problems with unemployment," said Maria Rodriguez-Salazar, a local LULAC leader. "And it has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. It has to do with greedy people who made some bad decisions."

and caving to the faux "victimization" agenda:

Also Tuesday, Commissioner Marc Boldt said the commissioners shouldn't have implied, in their earlier action, that illegal immigration is responsible for the county's unemployment rate.

The Sept. 1 resolution mentioned the local unemployment rate as a reason to check contract workers' identities electronically.

"It almost made the reader believe that we have high unemployment because we have undocumented workers," Boldt said. "And that's not true."
to further the leftist, illegal alien agenda gives this fringe group power they do not merit and assigns them a platform they do not deserve.

There are three, absolutely unassailable facts here:

First: They are not "undocumented workers." An undocumented worker is someone that doesn't have the paperwork to prove they have a legal right to work. That someone CAN have the right to work by citizenship.... they just don't happen to have the necessary ID.

We are not discussing those who have the legal right to work here, and I am getting sick of public officials who turn their backs on their legal responsibilities by kowtowing to political correctness.

We are discussing ILLEGAL ALIENS. ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE NO RIGHT TO WORK HERE. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE HERE. And no amount of lipstick on that particular pig can change it. That local illegal alien advocates don't like the phrase "illegal alien" does not make it any less accurate or useful as a term of description.

Words have meaning. Illegal aliens are violating our laws. The prissy use of the term "undocumented workers" provides them with cover for being here and cover for breaking our laws... as if the issue was merely one of some paperwork snafu and not one of a deliberate choice to violate the laws of the United States.

Second: we have illegal aliens working in Clark County.

Third, contrary to the lie that illegal aliens do NOT contribute to our unemployment, the mere fact that an illegal alien is holding a job in Clark County during these difficult times by definition indicates that their presence here DOES, in fact, do the very thing they now claim it does not:

Contribute to the highest unemployment rate in the State of Washington.

Boldt needs to be a little less concerned about placating those who do not deserve it, and a little more concerned about enforcing the laws he's sworn to uphold.


Brittanicus said...

Any company that has hired more than 3-5 illegal aliens--MUST –be entirely aware that they are hiring foreign nationals? That's why we need a comprehensive E-Verify application in operation, as permanent immigration identity software countrywide? Nor should it be on a voluntary basis for everybody. Long timers and new hires must be verified? Sen. Grassley must have heard from his constituencies, because a letter The Honorable Thad Cochran Chairman Ranking Member Committee on Appropriations Committee on Appropriation requesting their support for my amendment (S.A.1415). The amendment gives businesses a tool to ensure that they have a legal workforce by allowing them to check the status of all workers, NOT JUST NEW HIRES? The amendment allows for voluntary checks of existing employees through E-Verify in the working locations.

But this amendment doesn't go far enough? It should stipulate that anybody who doesn't comply or ignores the usage of E-Verify should be held in violation of our laws. The fines should be severe, but in cases of second violations, should forfeit business assets and receive a prison sentences. These obnoxious businesses know exactly what they are doing and know the risks? E-Verify could be easily expanded for many other uses in the US, including admittance to health care, driver’s licenses, government subsidies that would include education and home mortgages? CALL YOUR DISINCLINED SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE AT 202-224-3121 SO THEY KNOW, HOW ANGRY WE ARE WITH THE IMMIGRATION INVASION TRAVESTY. Much more to learn at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB.

All American workers and legal population should be very attuned in the coming months, as the Democratic leaders have tutored President Obama in forcing into Congress another AMNESTY bill. It is an objectionable legislation to enact in legalizing the 20 to 30 (?) million illegal people who have settled around our nation? Millions more will follow over borders, by plane and any entrance ports. They are already alert that free health care lies just across the international borders, for themselves, immediate family, young and old. This is the majority parties’ method to sneak health care for illegal families by legalization; America doesn't even offer free treatment to its own people, who are hounded into bankruptcy for unpaid hospital bills. Americans absolutely cannot afford another path to citizenship, as it will have a major impact on our crumbling infrastructure, irreversible road to OVERPOPULATION and higher taxes. I am very agreeable with President Obama, for a European style health care package, but those illegal immigrants who have not been caught, will have to rely on a humane admittance to emergency hospitals.

Pete said...

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