Monday, September 14, 2009

Another steaming pile of hypocrisy from the local stain on journalism, the Columbian.

The Columbian is a proven leftist rag, apparently ran by the cluelessly moronic.

Take today's pro-Obama rant by Lou Brancaccio. In it, he whines and snivels about the reaction to the messiah's neo-communistic health care socialization program, a floundering turd of public policy that the masses have risen up to crush.

And in it, this moron asks the following questions:
At what point, many wonder, does the way in which we deliver the message become the message? And when the delivery becomes the message, can anyone hear the real message?

Does calling the president a liar or a Marxist move the health care discussion forward?

Can we disagree with someone without being disagreeable?

We all should think about how we treat others. How our message is delivered.
Really? Do we REALLY have to do that, you fricking lying hypocrite? (How's THAT for "message delivery?")

You allow scum like John Laird unfettered access to a keyboard that he has used to PUMMEL everyone to the right of Mao and you ask US how WE should deliver OUR message?

This is not new news. Over twelve years ago, a Columbian reporter expressed concerns over the integrity of the profession:
From: The Columbian
Date: July 28, 1997 Author: MIKE FEINSILBER

WASHINGTON -- Would you believe this? A lot of editors worry that you wuldn't -- that people are less willing these days to believe what they read in the nespapers. They fear that, for a variety of reasons, newspapers are suffering a crisis in credibility, losing the irreplaceable asset of believability. The press has a lot to worry about these days: stagnant circulation, too few young readers, the Internet's
...Almost 12 years later, and the message has not been received by this organization, even though it originated with one of its own reporters.

What a cluelessly moronic series of things to say. You have a leftist scumbag that has insulted and belittled in column after column and when some of that is aimed at you, YOU ask US to "think about how we treat others?"

Good God, you hypocritical scumbag. How can you even look into a mirror?

And yeah... I gave a great deal of thought to the message. And I completely stand by it.

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