Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leavitt has a priority problem: NO crime should be "tolerated."

Sometimes, you gotta love politicians and their political opportunism.

Tim Leavitt, who I've jotted some thoughts down about on this blog before, hasn't let this "me too" opportunity get by him, and now he's directly tying his legislative agenda to his campaign.

On his website, he tells us: Hate and Bias Crimes Must NOT Be Tolerated

But other crimes should be?

This leftist pap is just that. Further, Leavitt's "draft resolution" accomplishes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except to provide this guy with an opportunity to politically grand stand.

"Hate" crimes are a sickening concept that somehow makes an assault based on skin color or gender or sexual proclivity or any of the many, many other segments we've been divided into, more worthy of greater punishment than just your average, run of the mill crime.

That is, if someone is shot because they are _____________ (fill in the blank) THAT crime is somehow more worthy of concern then someone getting shot, say, at random... or during a robbery.

And that, my friends, is pure, grade A, moronic bullshit. Fringe leftists love this kind of thing, but then, they are easily led tools anyway, or they wouldn't be fringe leftists.

There is no excuse for this kind of crap, and Leavitt ought to be at least as ashamed of himself over this as he is his rabid support for a replacement bridge that we don't need; loot rail that we neither need or want, and his continuing, ongoing failure to demand a vote for that entire project.

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