Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's been awhile since I posted.

Part of the reason I do this is to verbalize my frustrations. Face it, there's a great deal at every level of government to be frustrated at.

The problem is the burnout factor, and the inevitable conclusion that no matter what we say or do, things are rarely impacted by our words.

Corruption truly does run rampant in government. We are, according to someone far wiser that I, SUPPOSED to be a government by, for and of the people.

Where do we see that?

Locally, governments in this county are ramming a bridge and light rail down our throats that will waste billions and change nothing... except to bury our local economy in debt to the benefit of the unions and to stoke the egos of those who seem to believe themselves smarter than those they would govern.

They don't want to ask us because they know what we would say... and they simply don't want to hear it.

Imagine. A government that forgets the basis for their political power... a government that simply does not want out opinion.

At the city level, corrupt members of the La Center city government are doing everything they can to allow the slimeballs running the Casino scam to build that thing; a position violently opposed to common sense and the interests of this community.

Local newspapers and politicians SUPPORTING the scummy practice of gerrymandering lines to force us to pay THEIR taxes without even having the guts to ask us. So, we're denied the right to have a say, but not the right to PAY their fricking taxes.

Local government is OK with that. Few stand up to that corruption that stains our democracy.

At the federal level, we have members of Congress who remain silent in the face of this corruption, or in the alternative, actually engage in the corrupt practices themselves. Local media, well aware of this situation, rarely holds them accountable and ALWAYS endorses and otherwise scams us into supporting their re-election.

Our Federal reps voted for a trillion dollars in debt without even reading the bill.

Let me repeat that: Our Federal reps voted for a trillion dollars in debt without even reading the bill.

Did local media demand answers? Was ANY effort made to hold these people accountable for their despicable acts?

An utterly clueless moron as Speaker; the lying Belle of Botox. An anti-American scumbag Senate Majority Leader.

The confirmed idiocy of the president, repeatedly documented since he took office. A level of buffoonery never seen in Washington, D.C., and a 60% plus approval rating, as if the people are still hypnotized by this empty-suited used car salesman.

I've written about day after day, but nothing changes. No one rises up. No one demands change.

The alarm becomes background noise. And it kills the motivation to protest, to ask, to demand. Government does not care because government does not have to care.

And here we are; trillions of dollars in debt that future generations will not be able to repay. A foreign policy where the label "joke" is a gross understatement. Campaign lies, the order of the day.

And who pays attention? Who does anything about it? If we do not demand action... what difference does this make?

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conservativenorthwest said...

I feel your pain on this one. Personally, the futility has been somewhat overwhelming as it seems both parties at both the state and national level seem to be hell-bent in plunging us headlong into disaster while the press sits idly by with it's thumb up it's backside and tries to whistle a merry tune of encouragement to the administration.