Friday, April 24, 2009

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Liar to the press... liar to the American people. "I didn't know about the use of waterboarding."

Clearly, the despicable Speaker of the House in DC has been reduced to the punch line in this old saw:

"How do we know the Speaker is lying?"

"Her lips are moving."

Earlier, I busted her chops for lying about pork in the stimulus. (That post went quasi-viral via email, with 10,000 or more separate page views to that one blog entry) In this latest buffoonery, Pelosi shows that when the subject makes her botox uncomfortable, her knee-jerk reaction is to lie.

"In that or any other briefing…we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used. What they did tell us is that they had some legislative counsel ... opinions that they could be used," she told reporters today.


Nancy Pelosi denies knowing U.S. officials used waterboarding — but GOP operatives are pointing to a 2007 Washington Post story which describes an hour-long 2002 briefing in which Pelosi was told about enhanced interrogation techniques in graphic detail.

Two unnamed officials told the paper that Pelosi, then a member of the Democratic minority, didn't raise substantial objections.

It is to our shame that we seem to be cursed with a pathological liar at the helm of our House.

Mr. Obama's decision to release our playbook so that our enemies can study it in detail is typical of his efforts to put politics ahead of our security. And even though the fringe left is ready to go with their "it's Bush's fault" mantra when we are attacked again, the responsibility for that will rest squarely on Mr. Obama generally and the left particularly... or is it the other way around?

Meanwhile, Pelosi and her Winged Monkeys continue to strengthen our enemies in the name of political expediency, making us the laughing stock in circles where it really, really, matters.

At some point, "truth" really does matter.

I, for one, happen to believe that if your intention is to hang Bush Administration corpses from a bridge over the Potomac, which is the primary motivation for all this crap in the first place, then you should be subjected to the same rope for the same reasons.

Of course, there's no way the democrats or anyone else (including the media) would utilize a double standard about something so important...

... is there?

Thanks to Drudge and Glenn Thrush at Politico.


Anonymous said...

As I've said before.... Where's a flying Kansas farmhouse when you really need one?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about the illegal insider trading that Nancy Pelosi and her husband were involved in? There was a small clip about it before the whole Pirate thing took over the news. They bought 40,000 shares of stock in the company that her husband works for (CBRE) that was awarded billions in a government contract that Pelosi had influence over. She new CBRE would be awarded the contract and thus the stock would jump.