Sunday, January 04, 2009

Once again, the US Senate GOP blows the call: “McConnell says GOP could back stimulus.”

I used to be a hard-corps Republican. GOP idiocy like this made it easy to leave a party that had left me a long time ago.

Michelle Malkin bangs it like a drum. Once again, my government will make me ashamed. Once again, I'll find myself wishing for a political fairy god-mother who could make all of the idiots disappear on both sides of the aisle who've led us into this moronic idiocy, and who are too incompetent to lead us out.

I have no political affiliation at this point. I completely support candidates based on what their vision and history is, regardless of the letter after their name.

Mitch McConnell provides no reason to support the GOP. He has no vision, no plan, no clue. He disgusts me, as does any elected official who supoports his brand of socialism. After all, why vote for fake demoicrats when there are so many of the real thing available?

H/T to Michelle Malkin, the Goddess of Conservative Blogging

Mitch McConnell gives us another head-banging-against-the-wall moment

By Michelle Malkin • January 4, 2009 06:16 PM

Take some Maalox before you read this headline from The Hill (via HA headlines):

“McConnell says GOP could back stimulus.”

The upshot, as I read it, is that the Republican Party is willing to entertain the Democrats’ massive stimulus so long as they get kabuki hearings and some nominal input into the package.

Here I was, gearing up this week for a united conservative front against the Obama boondoggle, and Mitch McConnell opens his mouth. Where’s my head-banging-against-the-wall graphic again? Oh, there it is:

Fellow conservative Twitter users, give Mitch McConnell your feedback here.

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