Friday, January 23, 2009

Once again, Obama blows off the troops: this time, the lowly Medal of Honor awardees.

.Was 2004 that long ago that we've all, already, forgotten?

The left ran the Prince of Arrogance, the Clown-Prince of Fake Heroism, one Senator John "Reporting for duty" Kerry.

Senator Kerry had a record of selling out his own, and a record of making things up. Who can forget his Purple Hurt (Yeah, I said "hurt." I won't besmirch the name "Purple Heart" by attaching it to Kerry.) debacle?

How many millions of dollars did the left blow, pounding into the electorate how important it is for our Commander and Chief to have some actual, real, genuine combat experience, as opposed to the Pretender to the Throne, who has only been a National Guard pilot?

How quickly we forget.

Segue to 2008, and they run for President not even someone who lied about enlisting, ala former democrat God Bill Clinton. No, they just flat out run someone who had never set foot in uniform, never put his ass on the line, and had no combat experience at all; save combating the munchies after he nailed a blunt.

So, we go from one election, where the left would tell us that combat experience is almost everything since we're in a war; to this election where, in 4 short years, that tenet has become utterly meaningless, and we're now possessed of a clown that can't even orchestrate a press conference, let alone run a war.

And we also seem to have someone running the show who doesn't give a damn about the troops.

From blowing off our wounded at Landshtul so he could play basketball, to being the first president in the last 56 years to blow off the Medal of Honor Society, American Legion, Disabled Veterans of America, etc, Inaugural Ball, President Obama has sent a message.

And both our Active and Veteran Components have heard it, loud and clear. Rest assured, Mr. President, that I care just a much for you as you do for me. And at this point, that is clearly not at all.


Every inaugurated president for the last 56 years has attended the Salute to Heroes Ball. Except one.

January 22, 2009 - by Mr. Wolf

Here it is less than 72 hours into a new administration and the blogs have already been burning up the internet over a major snub by our new president.

What is the slight that they’re feeling? What’s got them all bunched up? A party — one the new president failed to show up for.

Every four years during inauguration evening (the galas began in 1809), groups vie for a visit from the incoming president, his wife, and anyone from his ticket. For decades, the “official” and “unofficial” galas have hoped to get a short visit from the president. He would take a few turns on the dance floor, say a few words to those gathered, and move on to the next one. Typically, these galas and balls consist of groups of people that have a common theme or background — from youth groups (H.O.P.E. Inaugural Youth Ball) to the National Council on Women ball. Which ones the new president attends say much about his priorities (right or wrong) and which demographics he may hold in high esteem.

In this case, the American Legion, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Paralyzed Veterans of America, as well as other veteran’s groups, were sponsoring their gala that has coincided with the inaugural evening since Eisenhower took office in 1953. In total, nine presidents and 56 years have gone by, and each inaugural evening the new president arrived to thank the veterans and Medal of Honor recipients in attendance. As one of the “unofficial” balls, it meant quite a bit to have the president show up and make an appearance.

Except this time.

The president and first lady, for the first time in those ensuing 56 years, did not make an appearance at the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball. In attendance at the gala were 48 of the 99 living recipients of our nation’s highest honor. Of the 99 who are still with us, not even half are in any condition or possess the wherewithal to travel to such an event. And by the next inauguration, likely half of those won’t be with us.

Making this evening even more special was the fact that it is the 50th anniversary of the Medal of Honor Society, which has been working hard to reach out to people to educate them about its members.



Scott Isaacs said...

Want to know the real story? It's right there as I talked to Craig Roberts, the media relations officer of the American Legion.

Just a guy said...

The real story is that he did not go. As a veteran, and a former Legion District Commander and graduate of the Legion College in 2002, I have met and appreciate Craig Roberts and the fine work the Legion does.

However, there is no excuse For Mr. Obama's failure to go. None.

Here's your sign: "WE ARE AT WAR." The president made a bad choice this time much like the other times he's slighted the military.

Joe Biden is not the President, nor is he Commander and Chief and when you combine Mr. Obama's slight of the most heroic living Americans today with his past slights, no amount of spin can fix that.

The likely reason Mr. Obama did not attend is that he, most likely, did not feel it important enough to make the effort... just like when he blew off the wounded warriors in Landshtul so he could go shoot hoops.

The undeniable, unspinnable fact is that even Bill Clinton, hardly the Military's best friend, found a way to attend. And Mr. Obama been so inclined, he, too, would have made it happen.

And no amount of spin or eyewash can change that.