Monday, January 26, 2009

Congratulations to President Obama and the Senate Democrats... and a few moronic Republicans... for confirming Criminal Geithner as Treasury Secretary

So, the President nominated and the Senate consented to the appointment of Tim "Tax Dodge" Geithner.

THIS is "change?" Appointing a tax cheat to run the Treasury of the United States is "change?" Appointing someone who took money to pay his taxes only to keep that money is "change?" Appointing someone who hired an illegal alien is "change?"

Guess what, everyone! You, too, can blow off the IRS and then tell them, "Gee, it was an honest mistake."

Man, if only Willie Nelson or Wesley Snipes had taken THAT route, well, why, they wouldn't have had a LICK of trouble!

Kudos to democrat senators Harkin and Byrd, as well as Bernie Sanders, Independent from Vermont.

This man is despicable. So is the guy that appointed him. And so are the senators that voted for him. And I am ashamed of them all.

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