Monday, December 22, 2008

Update: Someone at Kroger has seen this - Why Fred Meyer Stores piss me off.

I just got back from one of my increasingly infrequent trips to Fred Meyers stores, this one on Highway 503 and 72nd, just up the street from the 500/503 and 4th Plain intersection.

One of the more annoying, and questionably legal things they do there is lie about the regular price for an item they charge and then make you believe that their normal, usurious, daily price is some sort of a "deal."

My wife is very big on Sobe Lean drinks. Now, at WINCO, they go for 99 cents. Always. Every day, literally for months.

Tonight at Fred Meyers, those lying scum wanted the customer to believe that the REGULAR price of Sobe Lean products is $2.99 per bottle... so their $1.59 "sale" price looks like a hell of a deal.

The problem?

I have NEVER seen them at Fred Meyers selling this stuff for anything approaching that price.


I do remember last week or so that their "regular" price for this product was a somewhat LESS absurd price of $2.69 per bottle.

So, their REGULAR price went UP 30 cents (meaning it WASN'T their "regular price") so they could bump UP the dealio and make people think they're getting a GREAT price at $1.59... even though Freddies was charging 50% more with their so-called sale price than WINCO charges every damned day.

In short, their sale price is a scam... and the way they're shilling it is also a scam.

I also noticed that Freddy had 12 packs of Coke products on sale for ONLY $5 per half rack... an ABSURDLY high price. And, once again, they were lying through their corporate teeth when their little sale sign indicated that FM REGULARLY sold this stuff for.... $7.98.


I HATE that kind of crap.

If the weather hadn't been in the toilet, I wouldn't have made the stop there in the first place. I pray that WINCO gets their 503 and 119th store built and open.... soon. Because when they do, I will never set foot in that rip off known as Fred Meyers, ever again.

This entry has been reviewed by someone at Kroger in Cincinnati... at 10:38 last night (Monday) and again at 9:30 this morning (Tuesday)... and Kroger owns Fred Meyers.

Maybe someone will do something about this now.... but I doubt it.

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