Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The worst endorsement ever: In our view: Edge to Harris

I was mildly amused by the antics of today's Columbian endorsement. I've watched Jeannie Harris from afar, particularly since she idiotically supported the idea of adding a 5% tax to movie theater tickets as a way to raise revenue for an arts center... without a vote of the people and to get it in before I-695 took effect. That may or may not have been a good idea, but that she would support such an idea between the day where I-695 passed and the day it was to be implemented (Before, of course, the courts threw it out.... sigh) by loudly proclaiming that she wasn't going to "allow I-695 to color" her "thinking" provides an insight into her monumental arrogance and her self-superiority

That said, both candidates in this race would have been better off had the Columbian just kept their mouths shut.

This effort provided absolutely no reason to vote for either candidate. In fact, it wasn't much different then coming out to tell us to skip this election... it doesn't matter.

Now, I wouldn't vote for Jeannie Harris. She shows the monumental arrogance of a Steve Stuart or a Jim Moeller... and there's no place for that kind of "superiority over the masses" in our elected government. Few can be that arrogant, and on that level alone, I believe that Gaynor deserves a shot.

Of course, the unspoken/unmentioned issue for Harris was her two consecutive defeats against Jim Dunn for state representative in 2000, and Marc Boldt for county commissioner last year. The Columbian doesn't think all that highly of losers... and, well, Harris fits the bill. Also, of course, is the obvious fact that Harris's primary reason for running for city council was to use that position as a springboard for something else.

The upshot of the endorsement appears to be that Harris is a known quantity, a sort of benign presence on the council that isn't all that bright, doesn't cause much harm and has reliably supported those things the Columbian cherishes; such as twice suing the people of Vancouver to keep them quiet on the Pollard Hilton... granting Arch Miller's daughters free rent for a year at the Grant House, because, after all, they ARE Arch Miller's daughters; and supporting the steps necessary to achieve the goals of the Columbian, including massive increases in their property values.

I'd post a link to the endorsement... but why bother? Reading it would just put you to sleep anyway.

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