Saturday, October 29, 2005

From the Right Corner: There are lies, damned lies and the Clark County Democrap website.

Whoever runs that website for the Clark County democrats is the prototypical, lying weasel of the variety.

Reduced to begging for help from a Dean offshoot known as “progressive majority” out of Washington, DC, the despicable actions of the losers of the left speak for themselves.

Just a few snippets of their ripe, reeking hypocrisy:

First of all, the ludicrous claim that Mielke is “running behind.”

The true test of perception about who is “running behind” is in the pudding of the mailings and other media a campaign relies on. While obviously ignorant, the idiot running the website for the Clark County democraps should know that the farther behind you are, the more negative you must go if you are to have any hope of catching up.

Thus, Stuart’s mailings have become uniformly negative.

He cannot talk about himself, so all his mailings puke out are lies and innuendo about Tom. Clearly, Stuart is taking full advantage of the Appeals Court decision allowing the opening of the flood gates of lies and invective to ratchet the wide open flow of filth coming from the Stuart campaign (If you want to call it a “campaign”) and his ally, the progressive majority.

If you haven’t noticed already. Stuart is, essentially, broke. He hasn’t done any radio, because first, he can’t find a viable station to run any ads and second, he couldn’t afford any ads even if any station worth a damn would run them.

So now, he’s reduced to begging from his masters in Washington, D.C., an ultra-leftist group made up of the Jane Fonda-Streisand types infesting the American political scene. PM is picking up the slack because Stuart is a part of their deep bench. He’s a fringe leftists with a far-left background and agenda, so they’re dumping a ton of money into this race to protect their investment.

Lie number two.

Responding to the lies and filth of scumbags like the one who wrote the democraps article on their trash site is something that unfortunately must be done.

I believe Tom wanted this to remain a race on the issues. Stuart, knowing he was falling farther and farther behind, resorted to the first round of vicious, unprincipled and false push-polling calls in mid-September. That’s when the gloves came off.

Engaging in push-polling is the FIRST symptom that you know you’re behind. Stuart has at least TWICE resorted to that despicable tactic.

Hypocrisy number 3

Democraps are whining about Tom getting late developer money. Where was their sniveling about the around $110,000 in developer cash Stuart has raked in?

This hypocrite condemns Tom for taking developer money but gives Stuart a pass FOR DOING PRECISELY THE SAME THING?

Hypocrisy/Lie Number 4

Democraps are whining that Tom is caving Stuart’s ass in over his push polling…. THEN THEY FEEL COMPELLED TO LIE ABOUT TOM DOING THE SAME.

Push-polling by and or for Stuart is an establish, absolute fact. YET THESE CLOWNS ARE NOW REDUCED TO CLAIMING THAT TOM IS DOING THE SAME THING?

Stuart denies it, of course. But that he lies like most people breath is a fact. Because the one thing we CAN be sure of is that he’s done NOTHING to stop the push-polls on his behalf. He’s done NOTHING to condemn the process.

That’s all I need to know. You ain’t push-polling, Stuart? Then why haven’t you condemned the practice? Well, we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

Hypocrisy number 5

Democraps are whining about Tom’s plans for developers… yet they say nothing about Stuart, bought and paid for by a select few developers himself. Why aren’t they as concerned about HIS plans?

Hypocrisy number 6

Democraps act like the hiring of a single consultant determines everything about a campaign, yet this clown cites exactly ZERO instances of any mailing with specific inaccuracies.

Lie number 6.

Democraps claim Stuart opposes the Megacasino because he SAYS so.

But the FACTS tell a different story.

The ONLY question here is this:

What has Stuart DONE to oppose the megacasino?

It’s easy to SAY you “oppose” something. But what has he DONE?

Nothing. No letter to the BIA condemning or protesting the development. No action to get rid of the MOU. No public condemnation of the idea. Nothing.

The FACTS speak far louder then his words. In this case, since Stuart has done NOTHING to oppose it, clearly, he supports it.

Hypocrisy/Lie number 7

Democraps give Stuart a pass on his push-polling. Stuart has engaged in push-polling… in mid September. Tom has NEVER engaged in push-polling during the entirety of his political life.

Tom has specific instances with actual questions, such as:

“Would you vote for a former state representative if you knew he had voted to allow women to throw their babies into dumpsters?”

Stuart and the democraps? Nothing.

Hypocrisy/Lie number 8

Democraps claim that “: Tom Mielke has no plan to take our community into the future or how to pay for it.”

A simple visit to Tom’s website shows that for the lie it is. But what does a trip to Stuart’s website reveal?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

If you go over to Stuart’s site… you’ll find:

image galleries

But… where’s his platform? Where’s HIS vision? What’s HIS plan for Clark County?

I can’t tell. He doesn’t have a PAGE for it, like Tom does. Why not? What does he want to keep us from knowing?

Stuart has been endorsed by every left-wing whack job outfit in existence. He’s getting a ton of money from a huge leftist-fringe outfit out of Washington, D.C.. He’s fallen behind in the contribution race, as the public has voted with their checkbooks. He’s owned by a select few developers and a nationwide Deaniac outfit that’s trying (badly, as it turns out) to save him from himself, a fact this idiot completely ignores in his rampant hypocrisy.

But that is the level of delusion we’ve come to expect… both from Stuart, and the Clark County democrap website.

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