Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Columbian blows it: Theories for success.

The recent C-Tran effort, yet another government arrogance we’ll be stuck with for decades, has exactly zero “theories for success.”

There is no theory to apply here… only fact. The fact is that the people behind this thing gerrymandered the map to exclude opposition. The end result? We weren’t allowed to vote, but by golly, we’re gonna be “allowed” to pay.

How nice for C-Trans. How nice for the geniuses behind this. They actually think they accomplished something when clearly, they removed so much opposition with their exacto knife approach that this turd would have passed without ANY campaign.

Of course… that’s just MY theory.

In Our View: Theories for Success

Thursday, September 22, 2005Columbian editorial writers There are plenty of theories including even one with a Katrina connection as to why voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a sales tax increase to keep buses operating at a respectable level after a C-Tran proposal was trounced in 2004.

The various theories for success speak well of Clark County voters and those who worked on the "Save C-Tran" campaign, as well as being testimony to standard tax-increase political strategy.