Friday, August 19, 2005

The Seattle Times blows it: Cindy Sheehan's symbolism

Whoever wrote this piece obviously wrote it out of ignorance and failed to do their homework.

What this mom represents is all leftwing nutjobs everywhere that have expressed willingness to be used by anti-American groups across the world. Cindy has determined to become a tool for the Left in any way they want for whatever purpose they want… her family be damned, because they, personally, have made it clear they do NOT agree with her, a simple fact that the leftwing press is willing foils in covering up.

I would never denigrate her sacrifice, which in reality, is an adjunct to the one who sacrificed the most… Her son. She, in fact, denigrates that sacrifice, and the sacrifice of each and every American soldier in Iraq, wounded or not, every time she publicly opens her mouth. She strengthens our enemies and serves as yet another ultra-leftist catalyst for the flow of American blood.

Her son, by every account, was an excellent young man who VOLUNTEERED for duty in the military…. VOLUNTEERED for duty in Iraq.

How is it that she has lost sight of these simple facts? How is it the major news media ignores that?

This isn’t Vietnam. No one was drafted here.

In the end, Cindy Sheehan symbolizes the clueless, ignorant Leftist rabble whose singular goal is to bring injury to this Nation. Because she certainly does not symbolize the parents and spouses of those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice over there that I’VE met.

She does not speak for the vast majority of those who understand the threat, understand the freedom their spouse or sibling or child exercised in making the choice to strap on the uniform of the military of the United States… who knew the risks… who went anyway.

I won’t bore you, the reader with the details surrounding the fact that during the same time frame where 1850 Americans have died over in Iraq, around 55,000 of us have died on the Nation’s roads. Around 400,000 died from smoking related causes, around the same number from obesity-related causes and so forth.

Cindy Sheehan is a clown… a clown to her husband who kicked her to the curb last week because she’s gone so far over the edge. A disgrace to her family who loudly disagree with her antics. And a buffoon to anyone knowledgeable about the reality of the threat, and the region.

And that’s all she represents.

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Cindy Sheehan's symbolism


The daily image of a grieving mother protesting the death of her soldier son by standing in the withering sun outside President Bush's Texas ranch is a poignant symbol. Bush would do well to pay attention to the image and the woman behind it.

Cindy Sheehan is not a foreign-policy expert. She does not hold the key to an Iraq war exit strategy. Sheehan is a mother driven to act by the death last year of her son, Casey, who was stationed in Iraq. What Sheehan has done is use her grief to fuel a passionate, visible anti-war movement.

Until this one mother's protest, the public lobby against the war was displayed largely through yard signs and bumper stickers. People dared not outwardly disdain the war for fear of being accused of not supporting the troops.

But Sheehan has served as a catalyst for various groups with their disparate views of the war and of the military. At least for now, these groups are largely under one umbrella. Wednesday night, thousands across the country and abroad held candlelight vigils — including 3,000 people in the Puget Sound region — [excluding 2 million who didn't - ED] to support Sheehan.


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