Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Only a brain damaged democrat like Dud or the CCD webhead would think the President is on an actual "vacation."

More whining and sniveling by two more brain-damaged neo-comms, Maureen Dud and the CCD webhead:

Positively French

Maureen Dud chimes in with a critique of the hardest vacationing president ever:
W. vacationed so hard in Texas he got bushed. He needed a vacation from his vacation. The most rested president in American history headed West yesterday to get away from his Western getaway - and the mushrooming Crawford Woodstock - and spend a couple of days at the Tamarack Resort in the rural Idaho mountains.

"I'm kind of hangin' loose, as they say," he told reporters.

As The Financial Times noted, Mr. Bush is acting positively French in his love of le loafing, with 339 days at his ranch since he took office - nearly a year out of his five. Most Americans, on the other hand, take fewer vacations than anyone else in the developed world (even the Japanese), averaging only 13 to 16 days off a year.

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Clearly, the Village has lost a couple of it's idiots.

It takes real couple of brain burnt idiots to compare a presidential "Vacation," where the President remains in charge of the security of the free world and everything that goes along with it, and the kind of alcohol-induced fog-resoning that must have played a part in the "conclusions" these two lame brains exhibited.

I wonder if the neo-comms sniveled this much when Roosevelt would head down to Georgia for weeks on end... eh? Were they worried about the government when Billy was diving into Monica's muff?

Oh, yeah... I forgot... when a democrat does it, that's, well, "different."

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