Sunday, August 21, 2005

The disappearing blog entry trick.

Yesterday, I smacked the CCD's website for puking out some garbage about a Veteran having been wronged about his in-state tuition in Texas, and then stupidly connecting the dots and blaming the whole thing on the fact that the people of Texas are wise enough to have installed Republicans at every level of government.

Well, after THAT bitch-slapping, guess what?

Idiotstick wised up and took the article down.

Obviously, someoine in the hierarchy smacked him upside the cpu and ordered his bizarre brand of "wit" to be removed. Because now, when you press on THAT link, you get THIS:


You gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god -- it's back!!

I don't think that guys listening to you.

Better deploy your Broncos post haste and steal some more signs!!

Brad said...

Yeah, competency can be a difficult concept for some, and you serve as such a great case in point.

"Broncos?" "Steal some signs?"

Sorry, the Broncos play football, and signs get stolen in baseball.

Neither one has anything to do with one, how bad your boy is getting his ass kicked and two, how very much you need to get a life.