Saturday, July 30, 2005

When Republicans are stupid: GOP can't label its candidates, judge rules

The GOP hierarchy in this state is a group of idiots with blinders firmly on.

Having missed a golden opportunity to stick it to the democrats on the blanket primary issue, the retards running the Party had an omelet delivered all over their collective faces when they stupidly went forward and tried to get Federal Court Judge Thomas Zilly to, in effect, provide the GOP with a copyright on the word "Republican" as it applies to a candidate’s affiliation.

I've always been struck by how much time and energy the state GOP wastes on ticky-tac BS like this.

Imagine how much more impact and influence the GOP would have in this state if they concentrated on what their mission is SUPPOSED to be: electing Republicans.

How about this for a plan: stop working to screw the will of the people of this state. Stop viewing your time in the Party hierarchy as a jumping-off point for higher office... or judgeships... or some other political advantage to be gained by virtue of your "service," and expend all your efforts... all your political time... all the Party's money...


You clowns have wasted millions and earned the enmity of millions more that live in this state... and what do you have to show for it?

Saturday, July 30, 2005 - Page updated at 12:00 AM

GOP can't label its candidates, judge rules

By Eric Pryne
Seattle Times staff reporter

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly

The state Republican Party yesterday lost a bid to control which candidates can be labeled as Republicans on the ballot this fall.

The GOP had asked U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly to give it that power as part of his final order barring the state from conducting a "top two" primary in September. But Zilly yesterday issued a permanent injunction that didn't include the language the GOP had proposed.

State Republican Chairman Chris Vance said Zilly didn't explicitly reject the party's contention that it can control which candidates use its name. The GOP still could go back to court before primary ballots are mailed, he added.

But Vance said he hadn't talked to his lawyer yet, and he didn't know if that was likely.


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