Wednesday, July 27, 2005

We got hosed on the tribal MOU, and Betty Sue helped to hose us.

Betty Sue, you have no regrets in helping the Cowlitz set up their economic black hole here?

You signed a deal for a 40,000 sq ft casino that immediately ballooned up to 160,000 square feet. You signed a deal that left out a few things... things that the allegedly "envious" counties that also got sucked in by these scam artists wish they now had.

In fact, you signed a basically unenforceable deal and were used... USED by these scammers as a sign of county approval for their efforts.

I just wish you were "man" enough to admit you were wrong, that we were ripped off... that you HELPED get us ripped off and that YOU, PERSONALLY, bear a major responsibility for that. There are so many costs, revenue streams, infrastructure requirements and social costs that you didn't even mention in the MOU that a blind man could see it in a minute.

And yeah, I have a list of items you overlooked. Let me know if you'd like it.

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