Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Man, I bet democrats are THRILLED they picked Dr. Dean/Mr. Hyde now, ain't they?

Dr. Howard Dean, who will forever be known as the author of the most spectacular campaign meltdown since… well, since McGovern got rid of Eagleton, has gone over the edge.

We already know he’s a racist. We already know he’s an ultra-leftist fringe nutjober. Now, his mouth has shown that there is no end to his irresponsible actions… no end to the harm he’s willing to cause… the comfort he’ll give our enemies.

Perhaps, in the interests of fairness, Dr. Dean/Mr. Hyde will focus on the actions of a Senator who actually killed someone a few years back. At a minimum, he’ll demand and bluster over the top ten congress members who accepted privately funded trips, won’t he?

Well, since those ten are ALL DEMOCRATS, well… probably not.

Did I mention that Dr. Dean/Mr. Hyde is a RANK hypocrite?

Sorry. My bad.

If DeLay should go to jail, then Dean should go to a nuthouse where, I'm sure, an increasing number of democrats would dearly love him to be.

Dean jeers DeLay on eve of Valley trip

Jon KammanThe Arizona RepublicMay. 18, 2005 12:00 AM

Howard Dean, national chairman of the Democratic Party, said Tuesday that he thinks House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has committed crimes that could put the Republican in jail.

DeLay's office fought back with Dean's own words from the 2004 presidential campaign. The former Vermont governor had maintained that even terrorist leader Osama bin Laden should not be pre-judged if captured.

"There's corruption at the highest level of the Republican Party, and they're going to have to face up to that one of these days, because the law is closing in on Tom DeLay," Dean said in a telephone interview before heading to an appearance today in Phoenix.

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