Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Local Hypocrisy of the Left: Neo-Comms upset that Oregon GOP kills up or down vote on bigger school budgets…

… but where are they at on up or down votes on the gas tax? Or property tax increases? Or fee increases? Or any other dozens of Bills the ultra-leftists controlling the Legislature slammed the bogus emergency clause on to keep the people from challenging those efforts?

There is/are a word(s) for such shear, unadulterated hypocrisy… unfortunately, they/it escapes me.

HHhhhmmmm… Situational ethics? Maybe… but I don’t see that as quite strong enough. Scummy? Could be.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Up or down votes
Pot, meet kettle, also known as the Oregon GOP:

GOP maneuver sets aside Democrats' school plan

SALEM -- The Oregon House's Republican leaders, trying to avoid giving their opponents a campaign issue, found a way Tuesday to keep Democrats from getting an up-or-down vote on a bigger budget for schools.

The Republican majority simply voted to put off considering the Democratic budget proposal until Aug. 31 -- long after legislators are expected to have ended the session and gone home.

The little-used parliamentary procedure left each side accusing the other of playing politics at the expense of good policy.

Maybe they should call in Dr. Frist to explain to them how this isn't democracy.

# posted by stilwell @ 1:35 PM

Guess what, Brighteyes? Jamming tax increases down our throats ain't democracy either... but THAT never seems to bother you... does it?

We eagerly await your explanation of that.

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