Saturday, May 07, 2005

A brief moment of common sense by Clark County democrats: get rid of the HOV lane.

Has I live and breathe.

Remove the HOV lane

The Columbian weighs in with a good quote from County Commissioner Steve Stuart:

HOV lanes work elsewhere, but in Vancouver, a one-way car-pool lane that leads to a narrow bridge, then to a bottleneck, has not proved to be a solution. Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart was quoted in a Columbian story by Jeffrey Mize: "I fully support a functional HOV lane across the river into Portland. My problem is this is not a functional HOV lane."

He's right. The experiment was a good try, but it's time to face facts, erase the HOV lanes and let the entire public use the entire freeway on that stretch of I-5.

We'll eventually need an HOV lane, but the lane will need to extend into Oregon. That will require that the two-lane bottleneck in Delta Park be fixed. In this era of declining federal revenues, these kinds of transportation problems will be hard to get done. Another example of the federal government shifting the burden back to states, for what is a federal interstate highway system.

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I'm thrilled to see them FINALLY come around on this issue... but where've they been for the past four years of this nonsense? The silence has been deafening.

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