Wednesday, March 23, 2005

For "Governor" Gregoire, no amount of waste will get you fired.-

Democrats. You’ve GOT to love them.

The Children’s Administration, part of the Department of Social and Health Services, overspent their budget by a paltry $12 million.

“Governor” Gregoire tells us she’s “…irritated as I could be.”

But what she DOESN’T tell us is what she’s going to do about it.

What, exactly, are “Governor” Gregoire’s plans to hold those responsible for this fiasco accountable? Who gets fired? How much is CA’s budget going to be cut to make up for this irresponsibility?

Need we even ask?

A few weeks back, WADOT vaporized $54 million in funding (Gee… am I watching THOSE nickels ‘at work?’) when they discovered they were building a $100 million project in conjunction with the Hood Canal Bridge project.

Who was held accountable? Who was fired? Where was WADOT’s budget cut to make up for this colossal waste of money… an amount roughly equal to $9 for every man, woman and child residing in this state.

A few years back, WADOT resent hundreds of thousands of vehicle registration notices out, costing about 1/3rd of a million dollars…. Wasted. Who was held accountable there? Who was fired? What kind of a budget hit did WADOT take for THAT?

I, frankly, don’t give a damn how irritated “Governor” Gregoire is about this. If she doesn’t fire Uma Ahluwalia, assistant secretary of the Children's Administration, who acknowledged “inadequate controls on spending, inaccurate cost projections, increased telecommunication costs and years of unpredictable fiscal management,” then what difference does it make how “irritated” “Governor” Gregoire may be?

And what kind of budget CUT did CA sustain as a result of this malfeasance?

Are you kidding me? “Governor” Gregoire proposes to INCREASE CA’s budget by almost $5 million!

All “Governor” Gregoire wants to do is have a “nice, long conversation” with the people responsible.

Typical. How many millions have to disappear? How many millions have to be wasted? How much negligence? There is NO excuse for not firing those responsible. In fact, FAILING to fire those in charge of this mess sends a message to the rest of state government. Unfortunately for the taxpayers of this state, it’s the WRONG message.

It’s the message that government efficiency doesn’t matter. It’s the message that Brian Sonntag’s efforts are worthless.

I wonder what it takes to get fired by a democrat. God, apparently, only knows. Because it’s pretty clear that “Governor” Gregoire does not.

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DSHS agency blows budget
Children's Administration overspent by $12 million


The agency that cares for some of the state's most vulnerable children has overspent its budget by $12 million.

Gov. Christine Gregoire expressed serious concern Tuesday about the deficit in the Children's Administration but said she would give the agency an additional $4.8 million to make it to the end of the budget cycle.

The Children's Administration, part of the Department of Social and Health Services, is responsible for the state's foster care system.


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Josef said...

Yeah, as a Dinocrat coming to your blog for the first time (thanks to Radio Equalizer), I'm flamin' mad about this.

But it's just typical WA state gov't B-S. If you overspend your budget, the budgeted amount for the next year goes up - same thing happened at Skagit Valley College (SVC) when (happily now) ex-President Lydia Ledesma-Reese did that and partially as a result got the first-ever "no-confidence vote" in the college's history from the faculty.

Problem is, my alma mater's "new" administration didn't learn from their history and are now at the buisness end of my blog and a website I've created as the former political journalist for the college's newspaper.