Thursday, March 17, 2005

Democrats show their true ultra-leftist colors on the Simple Majority

The Simple Majority. Is it nearly as “simple” as it seems?

Here in Washington State, bonds and levies need to pass with a 60% majority. That requirement has been in place, put there by the people of this state, since the 40’s.

Almost all bonds and levies pass the first time around. But some fail.

So, the WEA and their democrat lackeys have been trying to eliminate the supermajority to make school systems even LESS accountable than they are already.

The entire purpose of the supermajority was/is to protect taxpayers from special-interest groups such as the WEA. The entire purpose of school districts holding bond and levy elections at any time except November is to magnify the effect of special interests on the outcome of those elections.

Adding bonds and levies to the November ballot is a frightening prospect to democrats and their WEA masters. Increased voter turnout may mean increased voter scrutiny… and we. Apparently, can’t have that.

So, the Republican position on this issue is what they believe to be the best of both worlds.

Keep the supermajority in place for any election EXCEPT the November ballot.

That is what’s known as a “compromise.”

But the democrats can’t have that. The WEA won’t allow “compromise” on their issues. So, what happens?

Nothing. Nothing gets changed.

And man, the democrats HOWL. Seems they’re all about “letting the people decide.”

Pity they don’t extend that same courtesy to other areas of government. Democrats are ALL about “choice.” Unless the result of the choice happens to be something they don’t like. THEN, they’re all about “leadership,” which is a legislative euphemism for “jam it down their throats.” You know… like tax increases? Or getting rid of I-601? Or gutting I-200? Or yet another gas tax increase on top of the highest fuel prices in history?

Not a lot of choice there, is it?

Legislature: Simple majority fizzles in Senate

Thursday, March 17, 2005
By DON JENKINS, Columbian staff writer

OLYMPIA - A bid to let school levies and bond measures pass by a simple majority failed in the Senate Wednesday after most Democrats rejected a GOP proposal to require school districts to run such elections in November, when voter turnout tends to be highest.

Hoquiam Sen. Jim Hargrove, one of two Democrats who agreed with the Republican amendment, lamented his colleagues' unwillingness to yield.

"With a little compromise, this would have passed," he said.

Senate Joint Resolution 8202 would have asked voters to eliminate the supermajority (60 percent) requirement for school-funding measures to pass.

The resolution received 25 yes votes to 23 no votes. But a constitution amendment needs 33 votes, two-thirds of the Senate, to be put on the ballot.



Brent from Vancouver said...

ANY tax increase needs to be by a supermajority. Can Tim Eymann get started on that one?

Brent from Vancouver said...

ANY tax increase needs to be by a supermajority. Can Tim Eymann get started on that one?